Trimmer vs Shaver vs Clipper

Trimmer vs Shaver vs ClipperThere are many different terms and tools that you can use to cut your hair. Although it would be nice to have one term to use for your haircutting tools, this is definitely not possible. Since there are many different types of tools that one can use to cut and trim their hair, those who are serious about purchasing their own gear or getting involved in the industry need to understand some of the basic differences and unique features of each of these tools. On this page, we will break down the various trimmer VS shaver VS clipper differences to consider while providing you with a more comprehensive description of many other popular tools used by professional barbers.

Each of the Popular Haircut Tools Defined Clearly and Individually

Right off the bat, it’s important to understand that there are certain terms used below which are describing tools that can be identified by some people under completely different names. This can be due to ignorance of the proper terms, living in a place where they use different terms, personal taste and habits, and so on. However, anybody who wishes to break down the various trimmer vs shaver vs clipper differences will find this page to be a valuable resource which will assist you in confidently pinpointing the similarities and differences between these tools, as well as a few additional ones which you may not have heard of.

What is a Trimmer?

As the name implies, trimmers are a great tool to use if you only want to cut a small length of your hair. To be clear, a trimmer should never be used to cutting off all the hair, or replacing the need for a smooth shave. However, they can still cut your hair down to a very short length. Those who use trimmers for shaving certain areas will not remove as much hair as is possible, but still will be able to receive the closest thing to a smooth shave that is possible without using a razor or shaver. Trimmers can serve various purposes, such as:

  • Head Hair Trimming.
  • Beard Hair Trimming.
  • Bikini Hair Trimming.
  • Ear and Nose Hair Trimming.

Trimmers are a wonderful tool to use if you are not trying to remove as much hair from the surface of your skin as is physically possible. Those who want a closer shave need to consider using the proper product. Regardless, a trimmer is a wonderful tool to use since it can come safely trim the hair on most surfaces of your body down to a low level after using clippers and before using a shaver. The main difference between a trimmer and shaver is the level of smoothness and how much hair can be removed.

What is a Shaver?

When you use a shaver, you should expect to cut your hair down to the lowest level possible without removing the hair follicles themselves, or cutting the surface of your skin. Shavers really stand out as the best tool to use if you want the closest and longest-lasting shave. Shavers require for your hair to be at a reasonably low height before using since they aren’t designed to cut off long strands of hair. Typically, people will use a clipper if they have long here before using the shaver to have the smoothest shave possible.

  • Shortest Possible Shave.
  • Typically Powered by Electricity.
  • Best Alternative to the Traditional Razor.

A shaver is a relatively new term. These devices are powered either by battery or electricity, and mimic the operation of your typical handheld disposable razor. The main reason that people will use a shaver is that it can provide some of the quickest shaves that is possible. However, these tools should not be used if you have long hair. They are only used to smoothly shave off the body and facial hair which is already pretty short.

What is a Clipper?

When you go to the barbershop with hair which is pretty long, the first tool that they will use to cut your hair will likely be clippers. That is, unless you go to a barber who still used old-fashioned tools like combs, scissors, and one-blade razors. Hair clippers are the most efficient tool to consider using if you want to remove large portions of your hair quickly. Clippers are slightly different from a trimmer in that they come with the ability to cut long hair to slightly shorter levels with certain attachments.

  • Cut Off Large Portions and Lengths of Hair.
  • Customizable Lengths & Attachments for Haircuts.
  • Cannot Trim Your Hair to Ultra-Short Lengths.

The main difference between clipper and trimmer products are that clippers are used to cut hair that is already long down to your desired level. Trimmers, on the other hand, take hair which is already short and cut it down to the shortest level that is possible before using a shaver or razor to go in and fine-tune all the picky details of your haircut such as your neck, sideburns, and so on.

What is an Epilator?

Usually, most people will stay away from using an epilator unless they really want to remove a certain batch of hair for the absolute longest time that is physically possible. Using an epilator is almost like going in to receive a professional waxing job since they uproot the hair from the skin, forcing each follicle to start from scratch and completely regrow and sprout out the surface of your skin.

  • Completely Uproot Hair Follicles.
  • Can Be Slightly Painful to Experience
  • Best Alternative to Waxing.

More than likely, a person who will use an epilator is a woman who wants to remove hair on common areas like the legs and armpits. Of course, one common issue that users of epilators can experience is ingrown hair since each hair follicle needs to separately regrow straight from the root of each follicle. This doesn’t always work out as intended.

What is a Razor?

A razor is the most common term to know among this set of tools, since it is the most common and widely-used tool for grooming. A razor is typically a plastic handheld device without any sort of electrical power. It cuts your hair by using a set of blades. Some of the most old-fashioned razors look much like a kitchen knife, with only one blade. However, there are also handheld razors which can have 5 or more blades to provide a close shave on your face and body.

  • Handheld Device which Cuts Using Blades.
  • Provide a Really Smooth Shave.
  • Most Affordable and Widely Used.

More than likely, you have used a razor in your lifetime. It is also probably the first tool which was given to you by your parents when you reached the proper age. The main difference between a razor and a shaver is that a razor is not powered by electricity, and requires some good old-fashioned elbow grease and sharp blades to shave your hair down as smooth as possible without cutting your skin or uprooting the follicles.

What is the Exact Difference Between These Tools?

As we demonstrated, there are various things to consider when comparing a trimmer vs shaver vs clipper. However, there are certain themes which start to develop as you study the differences between these tools. In a nutshell, you can pinpoint the difference of these tools by considering three different variables. The themes which remain constant when looking at the difference of these tools are:

  • The Length of Hair Cut Off.
  • The Smoothness of the Final Cut.
  • How the Device Functions & is Powered.

Since haircuts can come all sizes and forms, there are clearly different tools which are required for different cuts. The length of the hair that you need to have cut off, how smooth you want your final shave or cut to look like, and whether the devices functions with or without electricity (or battery) are the most important factors in understanding the trimmer vs shaver vs clipper similarities and differences.

Clipper vs Trimmer

A clipper and a trimmer both look very similar. In fact, there are certain products which can function both as a clipper and a trimmer. A clipper is what you use to cut long lengths of hair off of your head. They also have various attachments which help you to customize the precise length that you want. However, a trimmer is what you will use to fine-tune your haircut before perfecting it by using a shaver or razor.

Trimmer vs Shaver

A trimmer and shaver are very similar products which, in reality, function very similarly. These products are both typically battery-powered or have a cord to plug into an electrical outlet. However, a trimmer will only cut your hair down to the point where is barely visible on the surface. However, a shaver will do the rest of the job and really smooth out the shave and remove as much of the undesired hair that is possible without resorting to uprooting the hair itself.

Trimmer vs Shaver vs Clipper: Major Points & Summary

When comparing the various similarities and differences of a trimmer vs shaver vs clipper, it can be easy for many people to get lost in the lingo, and simply view these products as the same thing. As we illustrated above, the length of the hair you want to cut, the smoothness of your final haircut, and the means by which the device is powered and functions all play a role in the proper term to use.

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