Best Shaving Cream for Straight Razor

The popularity of shaving with a straight razor has grown significantly in recent memory. It is widely considered an art form among barbers due to the patience and skill level needed to create the perfect shave with the straight razor. Where cheaper shaving creams fail is that their lack of … Read more

Best Remington Shavers

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Braun Series 7 vs 9 Comparison

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Best Oster Hair Clippers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Foil vs Rotary Shaver

Foil vs Rotary Shaver

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Trimmer vs Shaver vs Clipper

Trimmer vs Shaver vs Clipper

There are many different terms and tools that you can use to cut your hair. Although it would be nice to have one term to use for your haircutting tools, this is definitely not possible. Since there are many different types of tools that one can use to cut and … Read more

Wahl Color Pro Review

Having an electric razor can be one of the most cost-effective ways to provide simple haircuts for all the family. This electric razor from Wahl stands out from many other similar products for the fact that it is very powerful and efficient at cutting hair, it comes at a reasonable … Read more

Shaving Cream vs Soap

When it comes to using a product for shaving, some people prefer shaving cream while other prefer using soap. Then, there are people which never use either of these products, and prefer a completely different strategy for shaving. Of course, many people who use a product to assist with shaving … Read more

Difference Between Fade and Taper Haircut

The taper and the fade are two very common haircuts that often get confused. This is understandable, since they can be very similar in design and practicality. In reality, the main difference between fade and taper cuts is the length of your hair. Accordingly, these two types of haircuts are … Read more

How To Sharpen a Straight Razor

If you still use an old-fashioned single straight razor for your various cutting and shaving needs, it’s important to keep it sharp with all the blades straight and pointed out as they should be. With normal use, a straight razor can naturally become dull. The blades of razors can naturally … Read more