Tips For Growing And Maintaining A Beard!

Maintaining Beard

Growing And Maintaining  Beard In-Depth

Are you thinking about growing out your beard? Maybe you are doing it for a charity thing, or maybe you are just going for a new look.

Whatever the reason you are seeking out a new look, you want to make sure that you look good while doing it. While it might seem like an easy task to just let your beard grow, you would be surprised at how difficult it really is.

Of course, you can just let your beard grow, and let the hair go wild, but this is going to look unkempt and just all over the place.

If you are going to do something you want to make sure that you are doing it right. Below, you will learn some key tips and information that will help you along your journey.

Let Your Hair Go

Essential Tips For Growing And Maintaining A Beard

The first thing you need to know about growing a great beard is that you are going to have to leave your beard alone.

After about a week or two of not shaving most people want to go right into the styling and shaping, but this is a major mistake.

You need to give you beard at least a month before you start trying anything new. This will give you a chance to see how your beard hair naturally grows and what kind of shapes it is going to take along the way.

Taking Vitamins

vitamins for growing and maintang beard

Do you remember when steroids first got introduced into weightlifting? Well, even if you don’t you can imagine how it changed the sport. Men and women were growing a lot bigger at a faster rate. Vitamins have done to the same thing to beard growing.

If you are not happy with the rate that your beard is growing, or you simply want more hair you can take vitamins. Certain vitamins and minerals will greatly increase the speed in which your beard grows. Vitamin A, B, C, and E are all good for this process.

However, taking tons of vitamins everyday can not only be time consuming, but it can get extremely expensive. There are other single products available on the market that was specifically designed to help the growth of your facial hair.

Stay Away From Cigarettes

Growing and maintaing your beard ,Stay Away From Cigarettes

You may not be aware of the fact that one of the side effects of smoking is hair loss. The nicotine contained in cigarettes can prevent your body from getting the nutrients that is needed for hair growth.

It can also decrease your blood circulation by constricting blood vessels. This is going to result in hair loss or slow hair growth. If you want to improve you beard you are going to want to steer clear of the cigarettes.

Changing Your Diet

If you want to get that adorable beard that you desire you might even have to change up your diet a little bit.  Most people don’t realize it, but your beard hair is basically just dead hair.

Even though it is dead it still absorbs nutrients. This makes consuming lots of protein essential. Maintaining a healthy testosterone level can go a long way to promoting beard growth and the way it looks.


Exercising enhances beard growth

Exercising is another good way to get the testosterone flowing. For instance, if you don’t like consuming protein you can just revert to exercising for increased testosterone.

Remember that you don’t have to go all out, but anything that will get the blood flowing works well. A lot of people like squats because they are a full body workout. On the other hand, some people like running and jogging.

Whatever you choose just pick something that suits you, so you will enjoy it more.

Sleeping Properly

If you are trying to build muscle and get bigger the key is getting enough rest during the night hours. Your muscles expand and grown during the night, when you are asleep.

Well, the same thing applies to your beard. While you are asleep your damaged skin cells will repair themselves and promote beard growth.

Knowing Your Skin

If you have never let you beard grow out before it is likely that you don’t know your skin type. This basically means is your skin dry, oil, or sensitive? Any good barber should be able to point you in the right direction to finding out your skin type.

Knowing your facial hair and having a barber that with beard knowledge can go a long way to unlocking your beard’s potential.

Moisturizing Properly

Moisturizing on a daily basis with the right products is key to growing a great looking beard. Throughout your search you will find that there are tons of different beard moisturizing products available on the open market.

Some people even prefer to just wash their face with regular shampoo and conditioner. However, some people prefer coconut oil because it is natural, smells great, washes out, and has all the nutrients that you beard could ever need. Whatever your choice is just make sure that it suits your skin type.

Resist The Itch

It is highly likely that throughout your journey there will come a time, when you get what is known as beard itch. This is just your skin fighting back against all the newly growing hair.

While this can be a dreaded and unbearable process, it does not mean that you need to reach for the razor. Just make sure that you keep washing, moisturizing, and shampooing your beard and the itch will eventually go away.

Shaping Up Your Beard


Now, that you have gone a whole month without shaving, maintaining your skin, and resisting the itch, you will be ready to shape your canvass. Remember there are a lot of different looks that you can go for.

A lot of men these days are even opting for the full beard look, which doesn’t require any shaping at all maybe just a little bit of trimming.

Just remember that you can always refer to your helpful barber, but learning to maintain and shape your beard on your own will save your more money in the long run.

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