How To Use Hair Clippers?

How To Use Hair ClippersGetting your hair cut and looking nicely trimmed can cost a lot of money. Hair clippers are great because they allow you to give yourself a hair cut just like a barber shop would give you. Cutting hair with hair clippers isn’t difficult if you have the basic knowledge of how to use hair clippers.

Setting Up Your Hair Cutting Station

Clipper Guard Sizes

Before you start even cutting your hair, you need to be knowledgeable about the clipper guard number system. Clipper guards have numbers on them that correspond to how short your hair will be once you cut it. The lower the number, the shorter the hair will be. For more detailed information about the clipper guard sizes click here.

Wash the Hair

It is always a good idea to give your hair a good wash before cutting it. I know this may seem silly since you are cutting the hair off, but it is important to wash it before cutting it. This will get any waves or curly that your hair may have out. It is easier to cut when the hair is wet, and you can really measure the length.

Cover Your Shoulders

Cutting hair is a very messy project, especially when it gets all over the back of your neck and you can’t go shower right away. Putting a simple towel or a slick piece of fabric around your neck will help tremendously when cutting your hair. As you cut the hair, it will fall down onto the fabric instead of under your clothes on your neck. Cutting hair is a very messy job, if you do not want the hair going all over the floor I suggest, cutting your hair outside, above the sink, or even in the garage.

Cutting the Hair

Start with A Number Eight Size Guard

If you have a whole lot of hair that needs to be cut, then I suggest, starting with the biggest clipper guard which is the number eight. The number eight will leave you with just an inch of hair left to work with. Once you get a lot of the hair removed you can start to work your way down to other size clipper guards to give yourself more of a style.

Cut Against Growth

Our hair grows down the sides and on the back of our head. It makes sense to start cutting your hair up against where it is growing. This is not the case when you are using scissors, but when using clippers, you need to go against the hair growth. When you get to the top of the head, you want to move from the front near the forehead to the back.

Different Cuts

Burr Cut

The burr cut is another name for a buzz cut. You will want to use the size guard number one and use that all over your head. Start on the back of the head going against the growth, then start on the sides. After you get that done, you can buzz the top of it off giving the burr cut which is basically a buzz cut.

High and Tight Cut

Start by using the number two clipper guard on your entire head. When you are done with that, we are going to take the number one clipper guard and shave the sides and the back of the head. Do not shave the top of the head we want that to stay the same. There should be an even line around the crown of your head where you left the longer hair. This will give you a fun, cool looking hairstyle.

Cutting the Edges of The Hair


When you want to cut around your ears, I suggest switching to a lower guard number. This will give your overall haircut look, a cleaner, nicer touch. Even if you made your hair all one length, you want around your ears and sideburn area to look cleaner.


When your hair is completed, you will want to trim up around the back of your neck and by your sideburns. When you trim the hair, you want to move with the growth instead of against it, meaning you will move downward. When you shave against it, you might take part of the sideburn off. The hardest part about this task is making sure both sideburns are even. If you are doing this on yourself, make sure you have a mirror to look into. When working on the back side of the neck, make a straight line across and trim any loose neck hairs that may be in the way.

Lint Roller Trick

After you take off the towel or sheet you were using while cutting the hair, you may notice a few hairs that got through. I have a simple trick to take care of that. Take out a lint roller and roll it over the neck and the base of the neck on your clothes; this will pick up any loose hairs that may have fallen when the hair was being cut.

Cleaning the Clipper After the Cut

Clean the Blade Guards

The blade guards are made of plastic so they can easily be rinsed under water. I suggest, scrubbing them off with soap and either using a brush, to brush off trapped hairs. Then you can rinse them off in warm running water to remove soap and derbies. After that lay them out on a towel to dry off.

Clean the Blades with a Brush

It is extremely important that you do not get the actual clipper blades wet. Your best hair clippers set should have come with a brush to use to clean the clippers of hair after each use. Use the brush to free your clippers of any hairs that may be on them, as well, as the exterior of your clippers, use the brush to clean that.

Don’t Forget the Oil

This is a product that usually will not come with your clipper set. It is a good idea to oil the clipper blades to keep them well lubricated. This will prolong the life of your hair clippers. Put a drop of oil on the blades and turn the clippers on for a minute. The blades will spread the oil over all the blades. Turn the clippers off and wipe any excess oil off from the top of the clippers. If you want your clippers to last many years, then I suggest getting some oil for the blades.

In Conclusion

Did this help you to understand how to use your hair clippers? I wanted to give you as much information as possible that way you can start using your clippers right away without a ton of confusion. If you have any questions about any of the steps above please don’t hesitate to ask us below!

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