How To Stop A Dry Itchy Beard Complete Guide

Stop Beard Itch

Stop Beard Itch Complete Guide

So, you have finally decided to grow that amazing beard you always wanted? Maybe your girlfriend or wife has been urging you to grow this beard.

Whatever the situation is you are on your way to a full-blown Santa Clause look, but throughout the process, it is possible that your beard has begun to itch.

The itching sensation has become so bad that you are thinking about completely shaving the beard off.

Well, don’t worry you are not alone. A lot of men experience this kind of unpleasantness, when they grow a beard.

Your skin is just not used to all this new hair growth and that is what is causing it too itch.

The itch will go away after time, but there are things that you can do in the meantime to curb the itch. Below, you will discover a few tips and techniques that will eliminate that annoying itchy beard.

Properly Cleaning It

You may not realize it, but your beard will act as a holding tank for a multitude of particles, including the meals that you eat throughout the day.

Along with this your face will shed thousands of skin cells through the day and if you have a beard they are going to get trapped inside your hair.

If all these dead cells are just allowed to sit there they are going to cause major skin irritation and itching. You can cure this problem by properly washing your beard.

It is imperative that you only wash the beard once every other day. If you wash your beard too often you are going to mess with the natural oils that are found in your beard hair.

To properly wash your beard, you want to apply a specialized beard shampoo while you are showering. You also want to make sure that you really dig into the beard with your fingertips.

Make sure that you massage it deeply into the skin, because this will help keep the skin clean and hydrated.

After you have done this you want to rinse the beard, but you have to be careful with the temperature of the water. If the water is too hot you are going to dry out your skin and hinder the growth of your beautiful beard.

Once you have washed the beard with shampoo, you can rewash it with a specialized conditioner.

After you have completed the washing process, you want to fully dry the beard, because any water left behind can also lead to more skin irritation.

When drying the beard be sure to use a clean towel and wipe over the beard gently and carefully.

Brushing The Beard

Another great thing that can help with beard itch is brushing the beard.

Brushing the beard will train the hair to grow in a single direction and reduce the chances of itchiness.

However, there are some things that you need to be aware of before you just start brushing your beard.

Your facial hair is much tougher than the hair on your heard, so you are going to have to brush it differently.

Any regular brush is going to get the job done; you are probably going to have to invest in a beard brush.

The best time to brush the beard is after you washed it, but not directly after you washed it. Make sure that beard is dry before brushing.

Routine Trimming

Men that are accustomed to a beard will not exhibit itchy skin, as someone that is new to this style. One way to prevent beard itch is routine trimming.

If this is the first time for having a beard, you may find it difficult to keep it properly trimmed. If you do not want to look like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, you will need to invest in a high-quality beard trimmer.

These products are very inexpensive, so you will have no issues finding one that is suitable for your needs and wallet. You should begin this process with a thorough beard cleaning, just to remove excess oil, dead skin, and lose hairs.

You will need to adjust the trimmer blades, according to the desired length. Most traditional trimmers come with a 0.50mm and/or 1mm blade.

The newer models are equipped with an adjustable blade for more convenience and preciseness. If you are looking for a close trim, you will need to pres elect the 0.50mm adjustment.

You should utilize a small comb to brush out the tangles and smooth the hair down as much as possible.

Starting at the right or left jawline, gently move the trimmer upwards in a single motion. Make sure to aim the trimmer toward the chin, just to keep everything neat and even.

Repeat this process until you reach a thorough and even cut all around the jaw line. Now, move over the opposite jawline and repeat the process until you have achieved the perfect length.
Always follow the contours of your chin and cheeks, when trimming the hair in these areas. Once you complete the entire process, be sure to check for stray hairs, because there will probably be a few stragglers here and there.

Leave-In Conditioners
Some people will continue to exhibit beard itch, even with routine washing, conditioning, and trimming. While, this is a common symptom, it is still unacceptable, which is why you may need a leave-in conditioner. These beard-grooming products are designed to stop itchy skin, before it begins.

You will find several different brands on the market that contain a variety of ingredients, capable of conditioning your beard and skin.
These products are save for everyday use, so feel free to utilize them as often as you want. A leave-in conditioner can also tame a frizzy, out of control beard, as well.

After washing and conditioning your beard, you will apply a small amount of the cream in your hand and massage it into your beard thoroughly.

Do not rinse out, just leave in until the next grooming day. Be sure to read the directions carefully before the first application, because some of these products are designed for dry hair only.

Beard Balm

Beard balm is slightly different than leave-in conditioner. The ingredients utilized to make balm are slightly different, but they still provide the same benefits.A balm replicates a thick ointment, salve, or liniment.

Whereas, leave-in conditioners have a semi-thick creamy texture which is very easy to manipulate.

Balms are a little more difficult to manipulate, but they bind to the hair follicle and remain there until the next washing.

Beard balms are available in scented and unscented versions. If you normally wear light scented cologne, you may want to opt for the unscented version.

Too much of a good thing may not be pleasing to those around you. Balms are also capable of eliminating beard itch, stiffness, flaky skin, and frizz.

Repairing Your Beard

It is possible that you could have already grown a beard and it still itches. This happens because your beard hair is damaged.

The hair and skin could have been damaged from the harsh soap that you used to clean your face. Whatever the situation is your beard hair is damaged and you are going to need to repair it.

Once your beard gets damaged, it will spread from the tip to the root.

This damage can greatly slow down the growth of your beard hair and once the follicle emerges it can cause irritation.

You can purchase repairing products that can heal this damaged hair. When the repairing product is repaired to the hair it will absorb the proteins contained in the product and provided moisture to the damaged stands of hair.

This will repair the damaged hairs and stop the itch.

Beard Growth Serum

Most often, beard itch only occurs during the early growth phase. Once the beard hair reaches a certain length, the itch will dissipate, but this is not always the case.

A great way to eliminate itchy skin quickly is by enhancing the growing process. You will find several different brand beard growth serums on the market that contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

These ingredients work together to speed up the growth process, so you will achieve a fuller and thicker beard in no time at all.

Change Your Diet

Whether or not you know it, your diet plays a vital role in the overall health of your hair and beard. If you do not eat healthy, your hair will not be healthy and it could become very itchy.

A healthy beard will not be an itchy beard. Therefore, it is absolutely pertinent to do away with the fast food and make the transition to a much healthier diet as soon as possible.

First and foremost, you’ll want to add a small quantity of Biotin to your daily diet. Biotin is a supplement, which is known to be very helpful for natural hair growth. It contains Vitamins C, E, and B6. All of which are great for your hair.

It is also essential to begin consuming a sufficient amount of Omega-3 fatty acids. These chemicals are vital for proper hair growth and they’re also capable of protecting cell membranes.

By consuming an appropriate quantity of Omega-3, you’ll be able to avoid developing dry and brittle hair, which can be very itchy.

And, you should also refrain from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

By implementing these changes, you’ll be able to improve your overall health, enhance hair growth, and eliminate that annoying itch!

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