How To Shave Your Back Hair By Yourself Guide

Shave Your Back Hair

Guide On How to Shave back Hair

As you should already know, you have tons of hair on your back. Men and women both do. Unless you want to look like an animal, you should do your best to get rid of that hair.

Most men believe that this is the most difficult task in the world. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Getting rid of your back hair doesn’t have to be too difficult.

In fact, you can get rid of that back hair pretty easily. All you need to do is follow the tips provided below and you’ll have a much easier time removing your back hair!

Having The Right Supplies

Before trying to get started, you’ll want to make sure that you have the right supplies. You won’t need much. You just need a razor and some shaving gel.

Just remember that some razors are better than others. You can choose between manual and electric shavers. Make sure that you choose one specifically designed for the back.

One with a long handle is best, as this will allow you to reach all areas easily. It may also be a good idea to invest in an antiseptic. Apply it to your back after the shave has concluded.

This will help kill bacteria and seal off the pores. This prevents acnes and other problems.

Start With The Gel

Shaving isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world. In fact, it can be very tough on the skin. This is why you should definitely start by applying some gel to your back.

You can use shaving gel or body powder. Either one will work exceptionally well. If you’re going to be using shaving gel, you’ll need to wet your hands first.

Then, rub the gel in your hands and put it on your back. Make sure that your entire back is coated with the gel to prevent any pain and nicks.

Use It In The Shower

Unlike electric back shavers, nonelectric back shavers have a waterproof design. This means that you can utilize them in the shower.

This will speed up your grooming process and eliminate the need to invest in expensive shaving gels and creams. Shaving your back will still require a decent sized mirror, even when you are in the shower.

Replace Blades Frequently 

One of the most common causes of nicks and cuts associated with shaving is a dull blade. Most electric models are equipped with a replaceable blade cartridge, which can be purchased directly through the manufacturer.

While the blade is designed to last for several months, you should examine it frequently to make sure it is not getting dull. Discomfort is a sure sign that the blade needs to be replaced.

Nonelectric back shavers typically utilize the standard double edge blade. These are extremely affordable and can be purchased in bulk. The only downside to these blades is they will need to be replaced every week, depending on how often you shave.

Plan Ahead

The process of shaving your back is never easy or all that effortless. You always need to make sure that you are giving yourself ample time to get the job done right and safely.

Choose a good, private location, with lots of lighting, and an easy to clean floor. The bathroom is usually ideal because it is well lit, usually contains a tile or vinyl floor, and you can lock the door, so you are not disturbed.

Whatever the situation is, you never want to be rushed, because this can just lead to mishaps and only half completing the job. This is probably not a task that you want to tackle before work.

Use Two Mirrors

When it comes to tackling the task to removing that unwanted back hair it is imperative that you be able to see the entire area of the back.

You wouldn’t paint your car or house with your eyes closed would you? Well, you should apply the same concept to shaving your back.

In order to see the entirety of your back this might require the use of two mirrors. You might have to stand in front of a large mirror and utilize a handheld mirror to see certain angles of the back.

Not only will this make the process easier and safer, but it will also let you know when you are done. Going over the same area again and again could potentially just irritate the skin and cause rashes or ingrown hairs, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Always Be Careful

Shaving your own back is now completely possibly thanks to the invention of back shaver. Sure, it makes the process much easier, but it doesn’t make it that much safer.

Regardless, of how good these inventions are there is always the possibility that you might slice the skin. This is especially true if you don’t have full visibility. This is why it is always imperative to take your time and slow down in certain spots.

Make sure that you are only applying minimal force. In addition to this, some back shavers have special built-in safety features, which could be extremely handy when it comes to shaving the back.

Always keep some towels or first air supplies handy in the event that you do slice open your skin.

Begin Shaving

When you’re ready, you should begin shaving your back. Remember to shave in smaller sections. You’ll also need to drop frequently to clean the hairs from the blades. These simple steps will help to ensure that your razor doesn’t get clogged up.

If you leave the hairs in there, your blades are going to be deemed ineffective. Stop frequently to remove the hairs and continue onward. Shaving your back can be time consuming, so make sure that you remain patient.

Rinsing And Drying

After you’ve finally managed to cut all of the hair from your back, it is time to rinse and dry. Rinse the back with water, until any remaining hair is completely remove.

Then, you should take a new towel and use it to dry your back thoroughly. If you’ve got antiseptic on hand, it would be a good idea to apple some to your back at this point. You can also apply body powder to the back if needed. After that, you’re pretty much finished.

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