How To Oil Clippers

How To Oil ClippersPart of the recipe for properly maintaining your clippers is to spend the necessary amount of time ensuring that the blades are clean and oiled up. This way, they can stay working at the optimum level for as long as possible. Accordingly, learning how to oil clippers is something which every responsible owner of clippers needs to do should they wish to keep their clippers in tip-top shape. On this page, we will break down everything you need to know about how to oil clippers, including all the minor details which can be commonly overlooked.

Why Do You Need to Oil Clippers?

For starters, it is important that you understand why clippers need to be oiled so that you can learn how to oil clippers with the proper mindset. Although your clippers will surely be able to function properly for a decent amount of time without cleaning and oiling them, you will quickly run into problems if you ever decide to stop doing this altogether. Specifically, you likely end up replacing your clipper sooner than what is necessary. Here are some of the other immediate benefits that come when you oil your clippers.

Keeps the Blades Lubricated

As you probably have noticed, the blades of your clippers work by sliding back and forth, trapping your hair into the blades before it is cut. However, if you are not sure to oil your clippers as it is needed, the blades can quickly become dry and encounter problems like rust and grinding. Accordingly, it is important that your blades stay lubricated.

Better Cutting Efficiency

One of the most common symptoms that you need to oil your clippers is that they simply don’t cut like they did when you first bought them. People will typically feel like their hair is being pulled out during certain portions of the haircut. Accordingly, it’s important that you keep your blades oiled up if you want each cut to be smooth and painless.

Keeps the Blades Running at the Correct Speed

Outside of the fact that the blades need to be lubricated to work properly, clippers can start to slide back and forth at a much slower pace if they aren’t lubricated. Of course, this means that the cuts will be much harder. After all, if the blades can’t move at the necessary speed, they will naturally be less efficient at cutting your hair.

Materials You Need

Before we explain how to oil clippers, it’s important that you have all the necessary materials right from the get-go. The worst thing that you can experience is to not have all the necessary supplies and then require another separate trip to the store. On this page, we will break down both how to properly clean your clippers and then oil them.

  • Dry & Dirty Clippers
  • Clippercide (optional)
  • Clipper Blade Oil
  • Two Small Brushes

Those who only want to oil their clippers may not need to get clippercide spray. However, this is highly recommended if you want to give your clippers the closest thing that is possible to a professional cleaning. All of the other items, however, are completely necessary if you want to get the job done right.

How to Oil Clippers: 10 Steps

With all this basic information out of the way, we are now ready to completely break down all the steps necessary to properly oil your clippers. As you read the following steps, keep in mind that this guide was designed with all types of clippers in mind. Accordingly, some of the steps and instructions may not necessarily apply to your clippers. You will know when this happens.

1. Check Your Warranty

Sometimes, there are clippers that come with a limited warranty which limits their ability to oil their clippers on their own. If you are concerned with the potential of voiding your warranty, first start by checking to ensure that your warranty will allow you to oil clippers on your own.

2. Turn the Power off

Before we get started, take a couple of seconds to ensure that the power is disconnected from your clippers. This will help you to efficiently clean and oil the blades without anything getting in the way. However, keep in mind that we will turn the power back on soon, so make it easy to later turn back on.

3. Clean the Blades

How To Clean and Oil ClippersUsing a small brush (a toothbrush works great), start by wiping off any of the excess hair that may be on the blades. Although there is usually very little hair on the surface of the blades, there is often a lot of hair hiding underneath the blade in a crevice. Accordingly, you can either use a small pipe cleaner to get in there or simply move onto the next step.

4. Take Apart the Clippers (if Possible)

If you are lucky, you have a brand of clippers which are designed to be easily taken apart. Usually, there is a screw located on the top of the clippers which will allow you to completely take them apart. This will make it much easier to fully clean the interior portion of the clippers before applying the oil.

5. Make Sure All Parts Are Completely Free of Hair

If you want to minimize the frequency which you need to clean and oil your clippers, it’s important that all of the hair is removed from any part of the clippers. If you were able to open up the clippers, spend a few extra minutes ensuring that each particle of hair is removed from the interior.

6. Thoroughly Clean & Disinfect All Parts

How To Clean and Disinfect Hair ClippersOnce your clippers are completely free of hair and grime, you are ready to disinfect them. If you purchased clippercide, simply spray down all portions of the blades and let them sit and dry for a few minutes. You should usually only spend about 10 seconds with the clippercide spray bottle on to receive the full benefits.

7. Put the Clippers Back Together

Now that your clippers are completely clean, you are ready to properly oil them down and prepare them for their next use. If you were able to take your clippers apart, go ahead and put them together and get ready to start oiling them down.

8. Apply a Small Amount of Oil

This is the most important step. It is also one of the most common ones to mess up. Using your oil dropper, apply 1 drop in the middle, and one near both of the edges. In total, you should only use 3 drops of oil. If you use any more, you are simply using too much. Using a separate clean brush, spend a few seconds spreading the oil and then let it sit for 30 seconds.

9. Turn the Power on to Spread the Oil

Once you let the oil sit on the blades for about 30 seconds, go ahead and connect it back to the power. We are now going to turn the device back on so that we can both spread the oil and observe the effects of the work we just did. Let the device remain powered on for about 10 – 30 seconds to ensure the oil is completely spread into the blades properly.

10. Power Off and Wipe Away Excess Oil

Once you spend some time with the device powered on to spread the oil, you might start to notice that drops of oil are building up along the outside of the blade. To ensure that there is not too much oil on the blades, wipe away any excess oil. If you don’t see any, then you definitely put on the right amount of oil and did things properly.

How to Oil Clippers: Tips to Keep in Mind

As we can see, the process of oiling clippers is rather simple and straightforward. Typically, you can completely clean and oil your clippers in less than 30 minutes. Especially if you know what you are doing. Here are some final tips for you to keep in mind to ensure that your clippers stay properly working for as long as possible.

Oil Your Clippers Routinely

If you are simply using your clippers every week or so, you are best off only oiling them every month. However, those who use their clippers routinely for long periods of time, like a professional barber, will typically oil their blades every day.

Clean the Blades After Each Use

As you may have noticed, hair can really start to build up and cause a mess inside your clippers if you don’t keep them clean. For best results, try to spend a couple of minutes after each cut to keep the blades free of hair. This will make things a lot easier for you each time you need to do a thorough cleaning and oiling.

Get them Professionally Serviced Annually

You may not have known that you can actually have clippers professionally serviced. If you invested a decent amount of money in your clippers, one of the best things to consider doing is to have them serviced annually. This will take care of some of the most minute and picky aspects of cleaning and oiling that the common person will usually miss.

Major Points & Summary

Learning how to oil clippers as a complete beginner only requires a short amount of time. With the proper tools and steps, you can easily clean and oil your hair clippers in less than 30 minutes. If you want to keep your clippers working as long as possible, it’s important that you routinely clean them. You might also consider having them professionally serviced if you aren’t confident that you will do things correctly.

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