Hair Clipper Sizes

Hair Clipper SizesWhen you are ready to dive into the new journey of cutting your own hair, you need to know how to use your clippers and exactly what size will work best for the style cut you want. If you still don’t have a pair of clippers, check out our review on our recommendations of the best hair clippers.

Hair Clipper Size Chart

I have made a chart for a quick reference guide about the number sizes and how long your hair will be after the haircut. We use inches in the United States but I also included the length in millimeters. Each brand will have its own clipper guards with similar to different sizes but it is good to familiarize yourself with the basic sizes.

Number Size Length in Inches Length In MM
0 1/16 1.5
1 1/8 3
2 1/4 6
3 3/8 10
4 1/2 13
5 5/8 16
6 3/4 19
7 7/8 22
8 1 25
12 1 & 1/2 37.5

What Are Hair Clipper Sizes?

Hair clippers come with different sized clipper guards that will attach to the clippers to give you cuts in your hair at different lengths. All the guards come with a written number on it that will tell you the size of the hair they will cut. Typically, hair clippers come with ten different sizes. The larger the haircut means how long the hair will be left. If you count using the actual clippers, then you can consider that a size as well because it is actually called size zero.

How Do Hair Clipper Guards Work?

Clipper guards are a very important piece when using your hair clippers. The clipper guards have different numbers written on them. These numbers correspond to the size of your hair after using them.

For example, you choose a size 2, then your hair will be ¼ of an inch after cutting. If you use a lower number clipper guard, the less hair you will have after your hair cut. If you go higher to number eight, the more hair you will have after your haircut.

The clip on easily to the actual clippers. You can make different hairstyles with the different sizes of clipper guards. Check out our in-depth explanation about each size clipper guard.

Size O

When you are using the size 0; you are using the clippers without a guard. This haircut provides a very short close to the head buzz cut. Some of the scalp will be exposed with this cut.

Size 1

Number one is also a great size for buzz cuts. Number one will leave your hair slightly longer than the number zero giving you 1/8 of an inch of hair. You can use the number one for tapers and even fades. Your scalp will still show some using the number one size.

Size 2

This size is the most popular among men because it gives you a short haircut without making your scalp exposed. This haircut size works for both people with thin hair as well as thick hair. The size two will give you 1/4-inch leftover of hair after the haircut.

Size 3

This is another popular size that barbers all over use. This size will give you 3/8 of an inch left. This size is good for short faded sizes on your head.  This size can be used to make a longer buzz cut look.

Size 4

The number four clipper guard will leave you with ½ inch of hair left. This makes the style from a buzz cut turn into a crew or brush cut. The number four works good for people with thick hair and people with thin hair.

Size 5

Size five is typically used for a taper style. When using the size five clipper guard it will leave you with 5/8 of an ich left on your head. This is a great size for styling.

Size 6

Are you ready for a new cool hairstyle? Size six will give you a cool modified taper haircut look. This size will leave you with ¾ of an ich of hair left. This is a good amount of hair to play around with when styling.

Size 7

The size 7 clipper guard is used by people who have thick hair. This size will leave you with 7/8 of an inch of hair left which is perfect for a crew cut. After you get that haircut you can use smaller size clipper guards to give you a fade in the sides of your hair.

Size 8

Lastly, the size 8 clipper guard will leave you with one inch left on your head. besides the rare clipper size of 12, the size eight is the longest clipper size made and used with clippers.  People say using this clipper size is the lazy way to cut/trim your hair.

What Hair Clipper Size to Use?

What Hair Clipper Size to UseDepending on what type of haircut you want will depend on what size of hair clipper guard to use. If you are looking to getting a buzz cut, I recommend that you use either sizes zero to one. If you are looking for a crew cut then I suggest using size five to size seven. If you want to do a fade design or taper you need to use some of the lower size clipper guards.

What’s the Longest Hair Clipper Size?

The longest hair clipper size is a size twelve. A size twelve will leave your hair at a 1 and ½ inch long after being cut. The size twelve is not as common as the size eight. When you buy one of our recommended best hair clippers typically, the clipper guards will go up to a size eight. That size will leave your hair at an inch long.

In Conclusion

Now you can see just how important knowing what size clipper guards to use can help you when giving someone a haircut. I wanted to give you all this information because when I started cutting my own hair, I didn’t know the difference between the hair clipper sizes. If you are still needing help with knowing how to use your hair clippers check out my other article that explains the basics in great detail.

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