Does Shaving Stimulate Hair Growth?

Does Shaving Stimulate Hair GrowthMany people who shave have wondered the answer to this age-old question. Will my hair come back faster after it’s been shaved? Will the hair come back thicker? Does shaving stimulate hair growth? Is this something that you have thought so much about that you try to avoid shaving because you don’t want hair to grow back faster? These are all the questions that have passed our minds early in the morning shaving.

Does It Come Back Thicker?

When you shave your face or your legs that portion of the skin feels soft for a while. If there is some hair it usually feels thin. Once it starts to grow back you think it looks thicker. You are right and wrong when you think this.

The thicker part of the hair follicle that was under the skin in the first to emerge when the hair grows. So, it gives the appearance that it is actually thicker. As it keeps growing the thicker tip will actually thin down as the hair grows out.

If you are shaving your face and don’t want it to have the appearance of looking thicker, I suggest, that you don’t shave so close to the skin that way you leave the littlest amount of hair. When it starts to grow out it will give the appearance of looking thinner instead of thicker.

As you can infer shaving does not stimulate hair growth in any way. This is a pure myth, but it is common with the way our hair grows back to think that it is thicker. Scientists have debunked this myth.

Does Hair Grow Back Darker?

Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Back Darker?Another popular question that people have wondered, can your hair grow back darker after being shaved? Some people strongly believe it does, but could it just be an old-fashioned rumor that someone started?

After you shave, the hair gives the appearance to looking thicker. We already debunked this myth it’s not thicker but it gives off the appearance from the hair follicles that it is. So, because the hair appears to look thicker, that can make you think that it is darker.

Again, scientists have said, no shaving doesn’t make your hair darker. The only other answer can be that puberty it what is making your hair darker. Puberty is hormonal fluctuations and it can change the tint color of the hair and also the thickness.

How to Stimulate Hair Growth?

Hair can easily get damaged. We expose our hair and hair follicles to very dangerous things such as dyes, hair care products, chemicals in shampoos, and even bleaches. So, have you asked yourself, “how do I make my hair healthier?”

Getting A Hair Cut

Shaving or cutting hair that is damaged is a great way to start. When you trim or shave dead hair off your head it can make way for new hair growth. These hairs will be new and will have not been exposed to chemicals yet.

If you are someone who uses a lot of un-natural cleaning products then over time your hair will become damaged again. If you want to stimulate hair growth the first step is to cut your hair to let the healthy hair grow.

Diet and Exercise

Exercise to Stimulate Hair GrowthHair growth can actually impact a lot from your diet and exercise. Hair follicles are made of keratin. If you are getting enough protein it can have a huge impact on strengthening the hair and restoring luster and life back to it. If your hair seems to be growing much faster, then it is because of the increased protein.

Protein Rich Foods

  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Protein Shakes
  • Nuts

Biotin Vitamin

We all know the importance of taking multi-vitamins, right? Well, what you may not know is the vitamin biotin helps to spur on hair growth. If you are experience hair loss or want to jump-start hair growth biotin is a great place to start. Biotin is common in most multi-vitamin supplements but if it’s missing in your you can get biotin for relatively cheap. Here is a great biotin supplement that I highly recommend.

Type of Razor

If you are using a specific razor it can either make you have to shave more often or it can make your clean shave last a little longer. It does not overall enhance your hair growth but when it depends on how low the hair is underneath your will determine if you need to shave more or less.

Open comb razors pull the hair from under the skin up just a little before cutting. When they do this, it will take longer for your hair to grow back in, keeping smooth shaved longer.

The electric foil shavers will also cut the hair to the face very closely and they use a circular cutting motion that will cut the hair very smooth and fine.

Those are your best options for shaves and razors that will keep you from having to shave so often. Make sure to always clean all of your equipment after each use.

Does Shaving Stimulate Hair Growth?

In short terms, the answer is no. No matter how much you shave the hair will not start to grow back in faster. It may give the illusion that it is but, in all honesty, it’s not. Shaving is one of those tasks that you have to do very often to keep up a good appearance and all in all it just takes time. There are things that you can do to help your body that are known to give you good hair health.

In Conclusion

As you can see, we have answered the age-old questions, does shaving stimulate hair growth? No, but there are definitely things you can do like good exercise, hair health, and vitamins that will help you to jump start into growing healthier hair. If you have any questions or comments leave them down below. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Shaving!


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