Guide On How To Maintain Your Clippers

clipper maintenance guide

Clipper Maintenance Guide

In order to maintain your clean look, it is pertinent to shave your hair on a regular basis. Although nobody wants to spend ten or twenty minutes each day perfecting their hair, it needs to be done in order to make a good impression and get ahead in life.

At the same time, it is essential to acquire a worthwhile clipper. Since these products can be fairly expensive, it is wise to properly maintain the razor.

Doing so will give you the ability to maintain optimum performance, while also extending the longevity of the razor. Within this guide, you will find your clipper, so it’ll serve you for a longer period of time.

After each and every use, it is pertinent to make sure you properly clean the clipper’s blades.

Failing to do so will undoubtedly cause the blades to wear out and dull out much quicker than they normally would.

Over time, the blades will begin to collect left over hair, cream, and other debris. Be sure to utilize the small comb, which came with the clipper, to remove this debris and to restore the blades to normal.

It is also recommended that you utilize an alcohol-based cleaner to wipe the blades clean.

The alcohol will help to eradicate toxins and bacteria. Not only will this extend the longevity of the blades, but it’ll also help you avoid developing razor burn.

Consider Blade Replacements

Many modern trimmers will come with replaceable blades. This can be very beneficial, since it’ll help to extend the lifespan of the razor.

Unfortunately, this can also increase the cost of operation, since replacement blades can sometimes be very expensive.

4Nonetheless, it will be essential to make sure you replace the blades, once they’ve dulled out to the point that they’re no longer efficient.

If the blades are dull and no longer cut the hair as intended, you should swap them out with new blades.

This will restore your clipper to pristine condition, while also enhancing its performance substantially! If you’ve select a trimmer, which utilizes shaver foil, you’ll want to make sure to replace the foil at least one a year.

Routine Lubrication

lubricationg oil for hair clippers

Every electric shaver is uniquely designed, but the blades must be routinely lubricated.  The shaver head and blades must be lubricated to ensure maximum performance and longevity.

If you fail to perform this routine maintenance, you will surely be looking at a shaver with a short lifespan. An unoiled shaver head will not operate smoothly, increasing the risk of skin irritation.

If these components are not lubricated properly, the motor will be forced to work twice as hard, just to keep up.

It is important to utilize the correct type of oil for this process. There are some oils out there that will clog these most vital components and may potentially decrease their service life.

Most models come with a small tube of lubrication, which is specially designed for that shaver. If you do not receive this with your new shaver, you may need to contact the customer service department and inquire about it.

Many of the third-party oils are designed to offer universal coverage, so they can be utilized with almost every brand.

  • Step 1- involves gently removing the excess hair and dead skin from the top of the razor head and blades. Your shaver should have come with a small brush, which is specifically designed for that model.
  • Wipe all the debris away, before moving on to the next step.
  • Step 2 – involves removing the shaver head, so you can reach the blades and foil. Take the small cleaning brush and wipe away the excess debris, before moving on to the next step.
  • Step 3 – involves soaking the functioning components in isopropyl alcohol. If the razor does not have a waterproof design, you will need to be very careful to prevent water from gaining access to the internal and electrical components. Place the top portion of the shaver into the alcohol, along with the shaver head and leave it there for at 10 minutes.
  • Step 4 – most of the alcohol will evaporate, but be sure to wipe the excess off with a dry towel. Now, you can go ahead and add a few drops of lubricate to the top of the foil and blades. Reattach the shaver head and do a quit test to make sure that everything is functioning properly.

Once you complete this process, you should notice a drastic increase in the shaver’s performance. Now, you see why it is so very important to complete this process thoroughly and routinely.

Cleaning The Attachment Combs

Cleaning The Attachment Combs

When you are cutting hair, you probably use a number of different attachments combs that allow you to cut in different lengths. These attachments also allow you to achieve different hairstyles. Whatever you use them for it is imperative that you take the proper steps to clean them efficiently.

You can keep these combs clean using several different techniques. After cutting hair with the attachment combs you can take a small brush and clean out any hair that has gotten caught in the comb. It also never hurts to rinse the attachments with soap and water.

However, always make sure they are completely dry before you store them away.

Properly Storing Your Clippers

Most people don’t realize it, but properly storing your clippers is a big part of the maintenance process. When you are not using the clippers and accessories they should be stored in dry and secure place out of the reach of children.

You will find that there are a wide variety of specially designed cases and bags that will properly store your clippers and accessories. Most of the brand models come with a hard-shell case that is perfect for storage and travel.

Check Blade Alignment

It is vital to remember that the alignment of the blades will play a vital role in the clipper’s overall performance.

If the blades are out of alignment, the razor will not cut straight and this flaw may also cause the clipper to wear out much more rapidly.

Before using the clipper, it is pertinent to hold it sideways and look straight across the blade.

The blades of the razor should perfectly parallel the cutter blade or should be set back slightly.

Everything should be uniform and perfectly straight with one another.

If anything is out of line, you’ll need to grab a small screw drive and loosen the blade screws. Be sure that everything is perfectly aligned, before re tightening the secures.

Be sure to inspect the blades once more before you switch on the clipper and utilize it.

Consider Using Clipper Spray

Oiling and lubricating the blades is absolutely vital. However, this is a given. Most men and women are fully aware of this requirement, yet very few know anything about clipper spray.

Clipper spray can be very beneficial for several purposes. If the clipper is going to be utilized for a lengthy duration, it is pertinent to spray the blades before each use.

The spray will help to ensure that the blades remain cool throughout the duration, while also preventing the client or yourself from getting burned.

And of course, the spray will help to disinfect the clipper’s blades. Finally, the spray can be helpful for extending the lifespan of the blades and stopping the development of rust.

If you get your hair cut in a barber shop, it is almost certain that the barber will spray the blades in front of you. Take notice and do the same at home!

Tuning The Clipper

If you’ve noticed that the clipper has started to operate loudly, there may be something wrong with the tuning. Generally, the tuning can be knocked out of place, due to a drop.

When this happens, the clipper will begin to emit an awkward rattling noise and will sound like it is on the verge of falling apart. The good news is that fixing this problem won’t take more than a few minutes.

Just grab a screw driver and locate the tuning screw. The tuning screw is generally found on the bottom or side of the clipper and it should be easily visible.

Now, flip on the clipper and turn the screw clockwise until you’re able to hear the awkward noise. Now, turn the screw counter clockwise, until the noise stops. And finally, continue turning the screw approximately one quarter of a turn in the counter clockwise direction.

This should restore the tuning screw to the appropriate position, while also putting an end to the rattling noise.

Remember The Warranty

Remember that each clipper will come with a warranty. It is essential to make sure you take full advantage of the warranty whenever possible.

If something goes wrong and you’re unable to repair it on your own, you should contact the manufacturer. If the warranty is still valid, you will be able to get the problem fixed, without having to pay for anything.

This is why it is incredibly wise to purchase a clipper, which comes with an extensive warranty!

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