Braun Series 7 vs 9 Comparison

Based out of Germany, Braun has been the company at the top of the mountain in creating electric shavers that deliver a high-quality shave at an affordable price. For close to seventy years the company has consistently built electric shavers renowned for their durability and innovation.

Two of their latest models, the Series 7 and Series 9 shavers, have grabbed the attention of consumers but there is the lingering question of which model is better? Here’s an in-depth dive into the features of each shaver and a final assessment into which model is our preferred choice.

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver

The Series 7 shaver from Braun has been designed to be an innovative shaver that works with the contours of your face to create the closest shave you’ve ever experienced. The company’s patented Autosense technology is used to perfection with the Series 7, creating a clean cut that reduces the aggravating red-bump irritation that drives men crazy. Intelligent and adaptive, the Series 7 is a high-performing shaver that will leave you satisfied.

Personalization Modes

One of the best features of the Series 7 is the shaver’s personalization modes. These modes can be paired with two speeds that provide an additional style of shave; Sensitive and Intensive. The Sensitive mode reduces the back and forth speed of the interior blade. This feature is perfect for men that typically experience irritation with their shaves. For men that have heavier beards or less sensitive skin, the Intensive speed increases the speed of the blade to create a more complete shave.

Cleaning System

The Series 7 shaver is fully washable, making it incredibly low maintenance to keep clean. All Braun shavers are waterproof up to five meters in depth, making them ideal for men who love to shave when showering. In addition to the Series 7 being waterproof, the company has also included an alcohol-based cleaning system to the base of the unit. The system is powered by a cartridge that cleans all remaining hair from the blades and then lubricates for a smooth shave.

ActiveLift System

One of Braun’s unique innovations is the ActiveLift system that aids in helping trim hairs that typically lay down against the skin. One of the biggest problem areas of a shave is the skin that lies under the chin and along the front of the neck. The ActiveLift system has been specially designed to attack those areas by utilizing an oscillating middle trimmer that lifts the hair easily for the blade to cut them with minimal irritation.


  • Numerous settings that adjust the intensity and style of shave allows the user to customize the perfect trim
  • The Series 7 is fully washable allowing the user to shave anywhere that is convenient, including the shower
  • The Series 7 provides 50 minutes of shaving in a full charge and has a quick charge setting that offers a full shave with only five minutes in the charging station


  • The replacement cartridges for the cleaning station and additional blades can get expensive over time
  • The hard to read LCD screen can make the learning curve on the Series 7 a lengthy process

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Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

With the Series 9 model, Braun wanted to make their most complete electric shaver ever. Emphasizing skin comfort, the Series 9 is quite the achievement by providing a close shave that leaves your skin without irritation. With eye-popping features such as five shaving elements to assure that every hair on your face gets clipped, the Series 9 is gentle on the face and neck and will have you wondering if you’ll ever use a razor blade again.

Four Head Trimmer with built-in Precision Trimmer

The Series 9 features a whopping four trim areas that assure that all facial hair will find a blade. The middle blade is coated in Titanium, making it durable and high-performing. Outside the two central blades are two OptiFoil enclosures that captures and lifts the hair, so the Series 9’s 40,000 cross-cut actions per minute guarantee a close shave without irritation. Also included is a Precision Trimmer on the side of the shaver that helps trim sideburns as well as reduce volume on larger beards.

Multi-Head Lock

Under the trimmer, the Series 9 has a five-setting button that adjusts the position of the head. The reason that this is important is that it gives the user the option of adjusting the head of the shaver to a level that is specific to the location of the face it is trimming. In hard to reach areas, such as around the jawline or under the nose, the Series 9 can be easily modified to find the perfect setting to trim those difficult areas with simplicity.

AutoSensing Motor

One of the company’s newest and best innovations is the AutoSensing motor that drives the Series 9 shaver. As the user trims their face, the AutoSensing motor detects the density and depth of the beard to adjust the settings to craft the ideal shave. In addition to customizing the shave, the motor fuels the Series 9 to put out 10,000 micro vibrations along the skin to stimulate hair as well as reducing irritation by working on gliding the shaver across the skin.


  • A waterproof shaver that is designed to work well with your favorite gel or shaving cream
  • Ten flexible directional heads adapt to your skin to increase contact during a shave to trim hair in all of your hard to reach areas
  • Advanced cleaning station has an active drying system to keep your Series 9 hygienic and properly maintained


  • Accessories and additional blades can become costly for replacement
  • Cannot shave with the unit while it is plugged in, must charge before using the Series 9

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Braun Series 7 vs 9 Overall Winner

The Series 7 shaver from Braun provided quality performance primarily when we used its handy customizable settings helping foster a smooth shave that was close to the skin. Also, we enjoyed the Series 7’s ease of use, especially with how the waterproofing made it incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

When looking at the Series 9, we were blown away by how complete the experience was when using the shaver. We could take it into the shower and pair our shave with our favorite shaving gel to create a shave that was every bit as good as a trim provided by a razor. The LED readout also made it simple to know when the shaver needed to be cleaned and returned to the charging station.

In the battle of the Braun Series 7 vs 9, the winner is clearly the Series 9 shaver. Although the Series 7 has many terrific qualities, the Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver consistently provided a higher quality shave that reduced friction against the skin and minimized unsightly red-bump irritation.

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