Best Panasonic Shaver

Panasonic has carved out a sizable niche by creating luxury electric shavers that have eye-popping bells and whistles. Dynamic features such as sensor monitors that detect the depth of your beard and multiple blades that work in tandem to give your face an incredible shave make the company’s shavers incredibly popular.

Panasonic owners find that the company’s electric shavers perform admirably by using a wide shaving area for efficiency, a flexible shaving head that rides the curves of your face for a smooth shave and high-quality batteries that charge fast and run for an extended period of time.

Top 5 Best Panasonic Shavers

Here are detailed reviews of five of the best Panasonic shavers available to the consumer, giving you a glimpse into what sets them apart from the competition.

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men ARC5

The Panasonic Arc5 is one of the most productive and technologically savvy electric shavers on the market today. Featuring five ultra-sharp blades that work in 360-degree areas to give the user a premium shave that is close and comfortable without inflicting nagging irritation or an unsightly rash.

The Arc5 is waterproof so that users can shave either in or outside of the shower with or without their favorite shaving cream. Perhaps the best feature of them all on the Arc5 is the multi-flex pivoting head that glides along the neck, jaw and upper lip shaving those areas without hesitation or problem.

The Arc5 is sleek with sophisticated technology that fuels a great shave.

Premium Wet/Dry Performance

With the inner chamber of the Arc5 being waterproof, users have the flexibility to shave with a combination of water and their favorite shaving cream.

Lift-Tech Foil System

Covering the five blades on the Arc5 are high-quality ARC foils that raise and capture hairs of differing lengths for easy trimming.

Performance Linear Motor

Panasonic has packed this shaver with a strong motor that keeps all five blades working in unison, making a task such as cutting wet, dense hair a breeze.


  • With a high-powered battery that runs the 14,000 CPM linear motor, you’ll never have to worry about the Arc5 not having enough power to handle a shave.
  • All it takes is one hour of charging to receive the battery’s capacity of 45 minutes of shave time.
  • Advanced sensors in the shaving head of the Arc5 detect your beard’s density to adjust the power flow of the battery to accelerate the blades when cutting the thickest sections of the beard.


  • It does not come with a docking station. Instead, you will have to depend on a cord to charge the shaver.


Although the Arc5 might not be as feature-packed as some of Panasonic’s other models, this shaver brings powerful technology to each shave. From the sensors that adapt to your beard length to the five-blade package that trims evenly and with precision, this razor has perks that make it a formidable electric shaver.

In addition to the high performance, the Arc5 is washable, and the blades are hypoallergenic keeping bacteria off of your face and reducing irritation. As a result, the Arc5 keeps your face clean and safe from infection.

Great in the shower or for a dry shave on the go, the Arc5 is a powerhouse.

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Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men’s Electric Razor

Another shaver from Panasonic that employs its ARC Precision Shaving system is the Arc4 electric razor. Although it shares many of the same features as the Arc5, the Arc4 does differ in some critical areas.

The wet/dry shaver has only four blades for shaving and does not have the sensor system that highlights the Arc5. But that doesn’t mean the Arc4 is limited on features as it shares the same 14,000 cuts-per-minute (CPM) motor that fueled the Arc5. Rounding out the Arc4 is the multi-flex pivoting head and pop-up trimmer that makes beards clean with distinct cut lines.

Lightweight with an Ergonomic Handle

The Arc4 weighs less than half-a-pound and utilizes an ergonomic handle that secures the shaver for a quality shave.

Gently Curved Shaving Head

The shaving head on the Arc4 is gently curved to assist with keeping the foils close to the skin so that they effortlessly catch and lift hair for a close shave.

Stainless Steel Blades

The 30-degree hypoallergenic blades on the Arc4 are cut at the perfect angle to attack hair for a clean trim that leaves the face bacteria-free.


  • The ARC foils that cover the blades move with the skin to keep hairs trapped and easy to cut.
  • The Arc4 is convenient with a natural cleaning process that needs a little running water to remove trimmed hair from the blades.
  • The wide pivoting head on the Arc4 produces a broad shaving path that keeps shaves fast and efficient.


  • No docking station prevents easy charging, and the lack of shave sensors is disappointing to see in the Arc4.


Highlighted by a waterproof interior that allows the user to quickly rinse away hair off the blade, the Arc4 shaver from Panasonic is a tidy and useful razor that creates an excellent shave.

A high-performing pop-up trimmer keeps your lines clean and professional with minimal fanfare. And finally, we found that the pivoting head is terrific at moving along with the contours of our face. A secure entry into the upper-tier shaver market, the Arc4 is a winner.

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Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men ES8103S Arc3

Moving down their ARC line of razors, Panasonic presents the very capable and efficient Arc3 shaver. Fully waterproof for immediately renewing the blades with a single wash, the Arc3 overflows with usable features.

Starting with the pop-up trimmer and three sharp hypoallergenic blades that cut with precision, the Arc3 brings the user one of the best shaves of an electric razor at this price point.

Single-Linear Motor

With over 13,000 cuts-per-minute, the motor on the Arc3 is fast and efficient.

Three Independent Blades

Each blade in the Arc3 is floating and independent meaning it freely moves as you move the razor across your face catching each hair for cutting.

Flexible Pivoting Head

The shaving head can move either side-to-side or up-and-down as you shave mimicking the feel of a razor with rotating blades.


  • With three high-powered blades providing over 13,000 cuts per minute, nothing escapes the razor.
  • The illuminated LCD-display gives you the percentage of remaining power, so you are never caught with a dead battery.
  • The flexible pivoting head moves comfortably over the face to guarantee a smooth and close shave every time.


  • Not as sophisticated as the Arc4 or 5 models, the Arc3 is relatively standard without the premium features of the previous two Panasonic shavers in this product line.


Although it struggles in some areas, the Arc3 shares many of the same qualities as its higher-priced brothers, the Arc4 & Arc5, as the motor fueling the razor is strong, and the pivoting head left us with an incredibly close shave.

The lack of a docking station is once again a bummer, and we certainly miss the dual-action motor of the higher-priced versions. Minor complaints aside, the Arc3 does a nice job of moving with your face and catching all those tough to reach hairs. The Arc3 is a dependable addition to
Panasonic’s Arc line of shavers.

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Panasonic Razor ES-LF51-A Wet/Dry Cordless Shaver

An Arc4 model that unfortunately subtracts the dual-motor cutting system that higher-end Arc4 models carry is the ES-LF51-A. As with all Arc4’s, this model is powered by four multi-fit Arc blades covered in a mesh foil that glides along the face to catch every hair along its path.

With a reliable wet/dry waterproofing system, the Arc4 takes advantage of being low maintenance with a natural cleaning process. Durable and strong, the Arc4 ES-LF51-A model shines when keeping your face silky and smooth.

Cleans Under Faucet

After shaving, all you have to do is open the shaving head and flush the blades with running water to renew the shaver.

Built-In Pop-Up Trimmer

Perfect to edge your mustache and sideburns as well as edge your neckline with clean trims.

Nanotech Blades

High-quality blades stay sharp for a year and keep the Arc4 from costing too much money over the lifetime of the shaver.


  • Hypoallergenic foils and blades keep your face free from bacteria to prevent infections.
  • The hyper-performance linear motor is one of the most reliable single motors we’ve ever tested.
  • The flexible pivoting head works in all directions to keep the blades against your face.


  • Not having the dual-motor system, as they do on the Arc5, is disappointing because the two motors provide a more comprehensive shave than those models without the system.


The ES-LF51-A Arc 4 from Panasonic is a dependable electric shaver that can dry or go with you into the shower for a complete shave with your favorite gel. Powered by four sharp blades, we were impressed by how quickly the Arc4 cleaned up our stubble and left us feeling smooth and less irritated than cheaper electric shavers. Worth the money, the Arc4 is a terrific shaver that shines with top-notch performance.

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Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

One of Panasonic’s more unique shavers, the ES3831K electric travel shaver weighs less than six ounces. Made specially for travel, the ES3831K is compact and powered by just two AA-sized batteries.

There are no cords or docking stations to worry about with this model, as everything you need to run the ES3831K is self-contained. Clean in seconds, the ES3831K is ideal for the man who covers a lot of territory and needs to pack light.

Sharp, Single Blade

Although it only uses a single blade, Panasonic has installed a razor-sharp blade that trims with precision.

Ergonomic Design

Compact yet comfortable in your hand, the ES3831K can fit comfortably in your travel toiletries bag.

100% Washable

Travel shaver can be immersed in water to clean the blade without worrying about a malfunction.


  • The ES3831K is wet/dry capable so that the shaver can go anywhere you need to deliver a confidently smooth shave.
  • Uses a fixed one-blade system that has a high 8500 rpm motor to drive the shaving.
  • All you need to power the travel shaver is two-AA sized batteries.


  • Only has one blade, so you might have to cover the same area of your face several times before the hair is completely trimmed.


The ES3831K from Panasonic is a useful, functional travel shaver that works well if you are always traveling or need a backup razor for the gym. It’s ill-suited for home use as you’d be better off going with a heavy-duty model, but the lightweight frame and easy-to-hold grip, make it a fantastic option for traveling.

Even with just a single blade, the ES3831K will keep your face clean and won’t burden your luggage.

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Panasonic Arc4 vs. Arc5

I think if you’ve read through the reviews here, then it is evident that the number associated with the Arc shaver, such as the Arc5, stands for the number of blades the shaver has within its head. This small fact is the main difference between the Arc4 and the Arc5. The 5 model has an extra blade that works, like the Arc4, behind the power of 14,000 cuts per minute.

Aside from the additional blade, the Arc5 has ten stages on its battery indicator that keeps you up-to-minute informed on how much power remains for the razor. It may not seem like a big deal, but it will save you the hassle of recharging more often because you are guessing with the Arc4’s five-stage monitor.

Simply put, in the contest of who is the more luxurious electric razor, the advantage goes to the Arc5.

Panasonic Arc3 vs. Arc4

There is a more significant gap between the Arc4 and Arc3 than previous models due to a variety of features minimized so that the Arc3 can find a more favorable price point. One of the larger areas of difference is the Arc4 uses four blades to the Arc3’s three-blade shaving head. With four blades, the shave is smoother and quicker than the three-blade model.

One of the more technical differences between the two models is that the Arc4 has a stronger motor that cuts at 14,000 cuts per minute, more than a 1,000 cuts higher than the Arc3. This is a measure of how the Arc4’s motor is slightly stronger than the Arc3 shaver.

Boasting advanced technology, a Hyper Performance Dual Motor, and a more sophisticated look and feel, the choice is clear that the Arc4 stands above the Arc3 in this Panasonic electric shaver battle.

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