Best Open Comb Razors

Safety razors have come back into fashion in recent years, and there are several reasons why men have grown to re-embrace this unique shaving tool.

First off, safety razors are far less punishing on your face than modern technology-driven razors. Where the modern razors might expose your skin to multiple blades making several passes over the same area, safety razors have one blade making one pass. These passes might not seem damaging while shaving but the long-term effects on the skin can be hard on your face.

The next reason is that after buying your first open comb razor, the cost of maintaining the razor is incredibly affordable. All you need to do is keep your cabinet full of your favorite shave cream or gel and that you have a replacement blade or two available when needed.

Finally, an open comb razor shave keeps skin very smooth and supple. Fans of safety razors swear that their face is in the best shape of their life because their skin irritation is non-existent.

After the question below, we have written several detailed reviews of the best open comb razors that will reinvigorate your shaving routine and revitalize your face.

Why use an Open Comb Safety Razor?

Open comb razors are different when compared to the similar looking, but ultimately different counterpart, the closed comb razor.

Open comb safety razors have teeth that run underneath the edge of the razor blade. These teeth are there to lift hairs for the blade to make clean cuts against the skin. When looking at the head of an open comb razor, you’ll see that it seems similar to the teeth of a hair comb. One of the reasons that open comb razors are suggested to be used by experienced safety razors users is because of how close the shave will be to the skin.

Because the teeth will glide along the skin, it is vital to find really high-quality shaving cream to make sure that your face becomes adequately lubricated for the shave. The last thing you want is to skimp on the cream, potentially causing the blade to hang against your skin causing an unsightly cut.

Open comb razors are ideal for men who have tough, thick facial hair that tends to snag when using lesser razors. Individuals with sensitive skin should exercise caution before using open comb razors due to the freedom it allows the user over their shave.

Top 5 Best Open Comb Razors

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor

From Vikings Blade, The Godfather stands among the best open comb safety razors. With a sleek chrome finish, The Godfather has exceptional balance coupled with a hefty weight to make shaving a safe and straightforward process.

The Godfather also sports a wide handle, milled close to the top for convenient gripping with your fingertips that allows for ultimate control. As a nice addition, this luxury safety razor comes in a leather-bound box and felt-lined interior, making it one of the most sophisticated safety razors on the market.

Optimized Weight for Smooth Shaving

The Godfather has been carefully constructed to find the right weight to provide the user with a smooth shave against the face.

Heavier Body

The body weighs more than your typical safety razor, and the heft of The Godfather allows the user not to have to press the blade into the skin when shaving, making it a safer experience.

Chrome Finish

The chrome finish on the razor gives it an elegant look that is synonymous with your typical luxury safety razor.


  • Milled handle assures the user won’t have problems holding the open comb razor, ensuring safety and protection.
  • The weight of the Godfather allows the user to merely guide the razor along the face for a great shave.
  • The Godfather has an advanced open comb system that minimizes cuts and gives plenty of clearance for users who like a lot of gel or cream with their shave.


  • For first time users, The Godfather needs care when beginning to learn how to shave with a safety razor properly as it can easily cut the shaving area.


The first thing you notice about The Godfather is the weight of the razor. It’s essential to have an open comb razor that feels as if it does the work for you. The Godfather allows the user to effortlessly navigate the blade against the skin, rather than force the shave, which can be dangerous.

We also noticed that the weight is balanced exceptionally well, especially when coupled with the milled handle. For experienced users, shaving with The Godfather is a dream that pays off with one of the closest and longest lasting shaves we’ve ever had from a safety razor.

MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor Double Edge Saftey Razor

With a classic look that turns heads, the Merkur Classic 3-Piece open comb razor provides a sleek option for your shave. Easy to open when you need to change out a dull blade, the Merkur has a ridged milled grip that prevents slipping and encourages a firm hold.

After each shave, the Classic just needs a slight turn of the handle to open the enclosure so you can wash away hair and cream to refresh your razor for your next shave. Dependable and well-made, the Merkur Classic open comb razor is a winner.

Three-Piece Design for Easy Cleaning

After removing the handle, a natural wave under running water flushes out trimmed hair and shaving cream, renewing your blade in seconds.

Long Milled Handle

The handle is milled to make sure it doesn’t slide in your hand, providing a steady grip during your shave.

Securely Fastens with Handle Turn

The long handle also doubles as the method for opening and closing the enclosure. You’ll feel confident that the blade is after fully fastening the handle.


  • The ridged grip allows you to keep a firm hold of the handle when changing out blades for maximum safety.
  • The enclosure opens easily after you unscrew the handle and secures tightly when you need to reseat the blade.
  • Handcrafted, the Merkur Classic is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that you’ll be confident when using to shave.


  • Users who enjoy a quick loading enclosure may be slightly annoyed at the fact that you have to remove the handle to change out blades.


As with most safety razors, you don’t want to press the blade into the skin, but instead, let the weight of the razor do the work. The Merkur Classic has the proper heft to make sure that you won’t need to guess if your blade is doing the job. An elegant razor, the Classic is a great introductory razor for anyone looking to take the plunge into open comb shaving.

Parker 24C -Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor

With a long history of making high-quality razors, Parker has added another solid open comb razor to the list with their 24C Three Piece model. The 24C is made from brass and features a milled handle that is durable for a long life.

The 24C is one of the heavier open comb razors we’ve tested, weighing in at over 3 ounces, but that extra weight helps keep the blade against the skin for a great shave.

Wide Spacing on the Open Comb

The wide teeth on the 24C do a great job at lifting your hair for achieving that close shave that open comb users are striving to create.

Handle Grips Well Even With Wet Hands

Even if your hands are wet, the Parker stays stable in your hands via the precise milling on the handle.

Easy to Disassemble for Cleaning

When it is time for cleaning or changing out the blade, the 24C comes apart instantly for either activity.


  • The solid brass frame makes the Parker Three Piece one of the most durable open comb razors available.
  • The four-inch milled grip is slightly longer than standard safety razors making it perfect for men with extended fingers.
  • The Parker provides an incredibly close shave that left us feeling as fresh at the end of the day as we did moments after we used the shaving tool.


  • Heavy and longer than most safety razors, smaller men who like more compact open comb razors might think this is too much razor.


What the Parker 24C does well is how effortlessly it glides over the skin when used with a high-quality cream. We never felt that the Parker was going to jump as it moved during the shave, potentially causing a cut. Simply put, this is one of the best open comb razors.

With a solid design and the longer handle that we prefer, the Parker 24C open comb razor is a reliable option if you are thinking of making the jump to a double-edged razor.

MUEHLE Safety Razor with Open Comb

Muehle is a company that makes highly regarded open comb razors. This traditional safety razor features a chrome finish and a functional design that allows for vigorous shaving from experienced users.

The Muehle Open Comb Safety Razor is ideal for open comb users that like a heavier razor that provides total control. With its toothed edging, the Muehle is perfect for the man who likes to cut his stubble down every few days.

Corrosion-Resistant Chrome Finish

The chrome finish won’t wear down over time or with repeated exposure to water, it stays shiny and looking sharp.

Thick Milled Handle

Excellent for holding, the thick milled handle on the Muehle never slips from your grip.

Cap Release on Handle

A simple twist of the small wheel at the base of the handle releases the cap for quick blade replacement.


  • The large teeth did a great job at gathering longer hair for shaving down a beard or cleaning up some three-day-old stubble.
  • Fast blade replacement makes the Muehle low maintenance over the life of the razor.
  • If you prefer large amounts of shaving cream, then you’re in luck as this open comb razor excels when the face is densely covered.


  • Inexperienced open comb users might need to look elsewhere for their first double edge razor.


The open comb style works well on this traditional Muehle razor. As it lifted our hair, we felt no snagging; instead, we noticed it consistently provided effortless cutting for a smooth and close shave.

Another aspect of this open comb razor that we enjoyed is that we really felt in control with this razor. When using small, quick strokes, the razor performed at its best by not bouncing along the skin but rather gliding with ease. The Muehle is a great razor that will delight open comb fans.

Parker 26C – Black Handle Three Piece OPEN COMB Double Edge Safety Razor

An open comb razor that receives a strong recommendation for beginners is the Parker 26C open comb razor. The 26C doesn’t have the bells and whistles of more luxurious open comb razors, but it packs a strong punch that creates a close shave.

Featuring a four-inch black handle, this open comb razor is an affordable and useful shaving tool for men wanting to dip their toes into the water of double edge razor shaving.

Four-Inch Black Handle

The black handle is stylish and knurled for gripping during your shave. The handle works well even in wet conditions.

Evenly Spaced Comb Teeth

Teeth in the open comb glide into rough hair to evenly separate and lift for cutting.

Easy to Assemble

All the 26C needs is a quick handle turn to change blades, clean the shaving head or adjust the tension of the razor.


  • This open comb razor is ideal for men with long beards looking to reset their face with a fresh and smooth shave.
  • Comes with an additional five blades so you won’t have to worry about replacement blades anytime soon.
  • The milled handle allows the user to get a secure grip on the 26C for a close shave.


  • The 26C is a straightforward, open comb razor. If you are looking for a more luxurious model, then the 26C might fall short in your estimation.


The Parker 26C is a workhorse that keeps your skin smooth and looking like you just came from the barbershop. A solid brass frame keeps the 26C looking sharp as we never noticed any dings or dents when accidentally dropped on a tile floor. This is a dependable open comb razor that will work just fine for a beginner until they want to take the next step to a higher-end shaving tool.

Our Choice: Best Open Comb Razor

While it may not look like a traditional open comb razor, The Godfather utilizes recent technology from Vikings Blade to provide an advanced open comb experience to users. The resulting shave with The Godfather is one of the best we’ve ever experienced with a double edge razor.

Trimmed with chrome to give it a strikingly classic look, The Godfather uses premium Swedish materials to craft a razor that provides excellent control. A fabulous razor with some cutting-edge features, The Godfather is the best open comb razor on our list.

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