Best Norelco Shavers

Since the late 1930s, Norelco has been making high-quality electric shavers that are dependable and on the cutting edge of technological advancements. Lightweight and sleek, Norelco continues to produce quality trimmers that offer precise cuts in an affordable package.

The company’s present-day trimmers take advantage of enhancements such as wet/dry capabilities, pop-up trimmers, and advanced precision heads. All of this combines to create smooth shaves with less irritation and more convenience.

The best Norelco shavers perform well in a variety of environments and maintain their durability throughout their lifespan. If you are in the market for an electric shaver, the Norelco line has plenty of top-notch electric shavers that offer a skillful trim.

Here are detailed reviews highlighting five of the best Norelco shavers.

Philips Norelco 4500 Shaver

The Norelco 4500 shaver is a flexible electric shaver that works around the demands of your busy schedule. With the capability of operating in wet conditions, such as the shower, or, if you prefer, a typical dry shave, the 4500 delivers a fresh trim to your face.

Featuring the patented Super Lift and Cut dual-blade action, the 4500 works wonders at keeping the hair upright for a smooth cut that will leave your face without irritation or rash.

Dual Precision Heads

The heads on the 4500 have large openings that trim hairs of any length with precision and comfort.

AquaTec Technology

The shaver has wet/dry capabilities for use in the shower. Can be coupled with your favorite gel for a hydrating shave.

Pop-Up Trimmer

An attached pop-up trimmer keeps areas such as your sideburns, mustache, and neckline trimmed with efficiency.

AquaTec Seal

Norelco’s AquaTec Seal gives the individual the choice of shaving with or without shaving gel or foam by making the 4500 completely waterproof.


  • The ability to take the 4500 in the shower makes the shaver notably convenient.
  • The pivot, flex and float system keeps the shaving heads against your skin as it moves across your face, guaranteeing a close shave.
  • The Super Lift and Cut blade action props hairs up so that the blades get a clean cut every time.


  • Charging time is around 8 hours for a full battery charge which makes the Norelco 4500 one of the longer wait times for similar electric shavers.


The Norelco 4500 is a smooth operator highlighted by its simple cleaning process and effective shaving skills. The ability to shave anywhere, whether it be at the sink or with shaving gel in the shower, boosts the value of the 4500, making it one of the most affordable wet/dry shavers on the market.

We were impressed by the AquaTec seal, that keeps in the inside of the 4500 completely dry, regardless of if we used shaving cream or went for a shave in the shower. This ability makes the 4500 a great electric razor to travel with because you won’t have to worry about where you use the razor.

Philips Norelco OneBlade 2520 Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Norelco’s entry-level OneBlade model is the 2520 Hybrid electric shaver. Like most OneBlade’s, the 2520 is a fast-trimming shaver that can handle a variety of beards from stubble to longer beards without a problem.

Working best as a trimmer and edger, the 2520 does well as keeping errant hair under control in your problem areas on your face. Blades on the 2520 will need to be replaced every four months and are waterproof, making them easy to clean. For its durability and variability, the 2520 is a OneBlade worth noticing.

Durable OneBlade

The small but versatile blade can handle edging, trimming and shaving.

Contour Following

Even though the 2520 is a OneBlade, Norelco has given the trimmer a flexible shaving head that moves to the shape of your face to provide you with an effective shave in a variety of modes.

Three Click-On Combs

The 2520 comes with three snap-on comb attachments that give the user the option of trimming their facial hair at different lengths.


  • Three attachments can be placed over the blade to measure the length of your trimmed hair.
  • The contour following on the blade keeps the shaving head moving along with the ridges of your face for a close shave.
  • The 2520’s versatility as a trimmer for your neckline, edger to keep your mustache clean, and a shaver that can deliver a smooth face is first-rate.


  • The blades of the 2520, like most OneBlade models, must be swapped out every four months. If you use the trimmer more than twice a week, then the blades will have to be replaced more regularly.
  • It takes eight hours to get a full 45-minute charge on the OneBlade 2520.


Although there are a few knocks on the 2520, such as the long charging time and the maintenance cost with blade replacement, this OneBlade shaver does well when used as a trimmer or edger on your face.

Three different shave length options keep your beard even, but the 2520 can also work as a shaver that takes the hair down close to skin level. Water resistant, the 2520 is a unique OneBlade model capable of being used in the shower with shaving cream. With its adaptability, the 2520 is a reliable option in the OneBlade market.

Philips Norelco OneBlade 6520 Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver

Norelco’s advanced one-blade shaver, the Pro Hybrid 6520, is the swiss army knife of one-blade electric razors. It trims, edges and shaves with dynamic precision and works in either wet or dry conditions.

A quick-charging battery can give you a full 90-minute charge in little over an hour, and the blades are easy to replace and will last for roughly four months. Lightweight and slim, the Norelco OneBlade administers a smooth shave in a compact package.

Long Lasting Li-Ion Battery

An LCD readout on the handle of the OneBlade gives you the precise battery level so you’ll never have to worry about your shaver running down and failing on you.

Waterproof for Wet/Dry Use

Water resistant, the Pro Hybrid 6520 is one of the easiest electric shavers to clean with a simple whisk under running water to renew the blade for instant use.

Trims with Adjustable Precision Comb

The attachable comb works well when trying to clean up and trim your beard. Will keep your facial hair at a universal length for a professional and sharp look.


  • Delivers a whopping 90 minutes of shaving time with just one hour of charging.
  • Contour feature does a beautiful job of staying against the skin regardless of chin line or other raised facial areas.
  • The wet/dry feature gives users the option of using the OneBlade in the shower or with cream.


  • Replacement blades should be changed every four months, so if you are looking for a low-maintenance shaver, then the Norelco OneBlade will fall a bit short in that department.


One-blade shavers have wholly disrupted the electronic shaver market and for a good reason due to their unique approach to shaving. The Norelco OneBlade 6520 Pro Hybrid is exceptional at being a jack-of-all-trades trimmer.

We noticed right away that the fast-moving blade could trim, edge or shave any length of hair with precision and efficiency. Also, we didn’t expect that this one blade razor would do so well as moving with the contours of our face. The 6520 is an excellent one-blade shaver that delivers a wealth of options for giving you the shave you want.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100

The Norelco 2100 is a straight-forward electric shaver that provides a close shave that takes advantage of the flexible shaving head that moves well with your face. A one-touch open flips the shaving head out for a quick and easy cleaning process that keeps your shaver working at optimum level.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery that lasts just 35 minutes with a full charge, the 2100 has a two-year warranty for an assurance that your shaver will remain dependable. With a sleek look that is lightweight and comfortable to hold during shaving, the 2100 is a hard worker that gets the job done.

Four Directional Shaving Heads

The shaving heads on the 2100 utilize a four-direction flex that works with your face to shave hard-to-reach areas.

One-Touch Open for Cleaning

With the flip of a button, the 2100’s shaving head opens for a quick rinse, keeping the chamber free of trimmed hair.

Self-Sharpening Blades

Blades on the 2100 remain sharp and last over a year, making the shaver’s long term maintenance inexpensive.


  • Four-directional heads give the 2100 the ability to provide a smooth and close shave regardless of the hair length.
  • Pop-Up Trimmer works well on cleaning up necklines and sideburns.
  • The waterproof head gives the user a secure method of cleaning the shaver with water.


  • Battery only lasts for 35 minutes with a full charge, making it one of the lower capacity batteries among electric shavers we’ve tested.


At its strongest, the Norelco 2100 works well as a trimmer that keeps your beard in check or as an edger that cleans up your mustache. With a shaving head that moves with your face for a smooth shave, the 2100 has several features that deliver the goods for users looking for a straight-forward electric shaver.

The 2100 from Norelco doesn’t last very long or come with a docking station, but for those looking for a reliable wet/dry electric shaver that performs admirably in all conditions, this is a quality product.

Philips Norelco Shaver 4100

The Norelco 4100 is another strong addition to the company’s wet/dry electric shaving line. Waterproof for use in the shower, the 4100 leans on the shaver’s DualPrecision blade system that keeps the shave close to the skin.

Powered by a fast-charging battery, the 4100 features a pop-up trimmer to keep your neckline and sideburns under control. With blades that last over a year before they need replacing, the Norelco 4100 is a durable electric shaver worth your attention.

Long-Lasting Shave Heads

The shave heads on the 4100 only have to be replaced once every year, keeping your maintenance fees low over the lifetime of the shaver.

Washable Design

The 4100 can be cleaned in seconds as the shaving head opens up to remove trimmed hair with a splash of water.

Dual Precision Blade System

The 4100 utilizes the dual precision blade system that lifts long hairs for trimming and also covers shorter stubble with the wide openings on the flex shaving heads.


  • The 4100 can produce a single shave with just three minutes of charging, perfect for the businessman on the go that needs a refresh on his look.
  • Contour system on the 4100 flexes four different ways for 360-degrees of coverage when shaving hard-to-reach chin and neck areas.
  • Pop-up trimmer does quite well when edging the neckline and sideburn areas of the face.


  • Does not have a charging stand, so the 4100 has to be laid down and plugged in for charging which does take up space around your sink.


The Norelco 4100 does well at giving you a smooth shave without the irritation that accompanies lesser electric shavers. With wet/dry capabilities, the 4100 is low-maintenance and is cleaned in mere seconds with a quick splash of water.

Norelco didn’t add a charging stand with the 4100, and although that is a downer, the one-hour charging time certainly makes up for the oversight. With the dual-blade system providing a comfortable shave, the 4100 works well with the traveling man that needs flexibility with their electric shaver.


The best Norelco shaver on our list is the Pro Hybrid 6520 OneBlade. While we admit that the 6520 won’t give you a super close shave, the amount of eye-popping features makes the 6520 one of the best electric shavers on the market.

We loved the 6520’s ability to get a fully charged battery in around an hour. Although the blades need to be replaced often, the 6520 is remarkably precise in three different areas; trimming, edging and shaving.

Because of its high-quality performance, the Pro Hybrid 6520 is an electric shaver that belongs at the top of the best Norelco shaver lists.

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