Best Clippers for Fades

Fades are a classic hairstyle that many people throughout the country try to achieve. It is a clean but yet very stylish looking style and it is quite easy to get this hairstyle if you have the right clippers. Expert’s in barber shops only use the best equipment and so should you.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best clipper for fades. All of the clippers below will help you to achieve that amazing fade look. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, I have a clipper for anyone down below!

Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip #8148

The Wahl company is extremely well known when it comes to hair clippers. The Wahl professional 5-star cordless magic clip is our pick for the best clippers for fades because it will give you that excellent fade look from these hair clippers. These clippers can be used either cordless or corded and they come with a recharging station so you can keep recharging your clippers. The come with a ton of great accessories and the clippers are lightweight and have an ergonomic feel to them.

Rechargeable battery

The best feature of these clippers is that fact that it can be used connected to the cord through a power outlet and they can also be used cordless with the clipper’s rechargeable battery. This is such a smart feature because when you are cutting hair sometimes it is tough to navigate through the cord. These clippers also come with a really great quality battery which is important to move the motor inside your clippers. The battery will last over ninety minutes when fully charged!

Powerful Motor and Sharp Blades

The motor on hair clippers is the most important part because it is what makes the blades on the clippers work so well. In these clippers there is a powerful v9000 motor. This is the Wahl’s brand most powerful motor ever put into a pair of clippers. If you are holding a pair of regular hair clippers then just imagine that these clippers are 50% more powerful then the standard pair.

The blades on these clippers make the clippers very special. There are over 2000 zero overlap blades that make the clippers work at a fast-paced speed that way they can cut the hair quickly. These clipper blades are great for all types of haircuts. They can be used to do fancier cuts like the taper, fade, and even some blending.


  • Over ninety minutes of run time on a single charge.
  • This set includes your clippers, eight clipper guard attachments, oil, comb to clean the blades, recharging transformer and of course instructions.
  • You can use the clippers without the cord or even with it.
  • These clippers are perfect for making fades and the taper look.
  • Very lightweight and the clippers are very easy to handle


  • More expensive than some pairs of clippers.


The Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip clippers are truly my favorite because they are a professional grade pair of clippers that deliver a great shave no matter what style you are going for. It comes with all the accessories that you need to deliver a great cut or shave. The price is more expensive but it’s totally worth it for the best pair of clippers for fades.

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Andis Master 15-Watt Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper

Another great company that makes reliable pairs of clippers is Andis. These adjustable blades clippers are very durable but yet lightweight and easy on your hand to carry. They have a sleek aluminum design and a powerful motor that delivers 14,000 blade strokes in a single minute. The blade can be adjusted which makes it perfect for fades and that is why it made our list of the best clippers for fades.

Unbreakable Clippers

The design of the clippers is made out of strong aluminum. The clippers themselves will not break because of this aluminum body. You can still damage the blades if they are not taken care of properly. As long as you give your clippers the proper maintenance they need by cleaning your clippers regularly then this pair of clippers will last a long time.

Very Strong Motor

The motor inside these clippers is very strong. When cutting the hair, the motor is powering the blades to run and cut at 14,000 strokes a minute. The motor stays cool on the inside of the clippers and actually runs quietly even though it is a very powerful motor. You are also getting strong stainless steel blades that will give you a very close precise shave.


  • These clippers are great for all types of haircuts and specialty cuts such as fades and tapering.
  • Super strong motor.
  • 14,000 blade strokes in each minute.
  • Easy on and off switch on the side of the clippers.
  • Adjustable blade.


  • This set does not come with clipper guards.
  • Blades need to be oiled before and after using for the best performance.


This is a great pair of clippers if you are planning on using them for fades or tapering. If you are planning on doing buzz cuts and other types of hairstyles, I would suggest getting a clipper kit with a lot of different clipper guard sizes. The blades and the clippers are very durable due to its strong construction. The price is a bit expensive so that is something you will need to consider when choosing these clippers.

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Wahl Clipper Elite Pro

This is another great clipper set by the Wahl brand but this time it is at a cheaper price point but without losing all the great quality features that come with a Wahl clipper. This heavy-duty clipper comes with self-sharpening blades that will deliver a smooth cut. These clippers are great for blending hair and for fades. The also comes with a lot of great accessories like the metal clipper guards.

Self-Sharpening Blades

When the clippers are turned on and working the blades will actually self-sharpen. This is a great feature because you won’t have to physically take the blades out to sharpen them. This will prolong the life of your clipper blades. This will also make the blades able to cut your hair 40% faster than other clippers.  Make sure you are still cleaning them properly that way they will not get dull.

A Ton of Accessories

One of the things I love about the Wahl clipper elite pro is all the accessories they provide for you with the purchase of their clippers. They are giving you a case to store all of your stuff, ten different clipper guards, a pair of shears, a comb, a cape to catch all the unwanted hair, a cleaning brush, and oil to properly maintain your clipper blades.


  • Self-sharpening blades.
  • Very affordable clipper kit.
  • Very powerful motor.
  • Comes with an extra-long power cord.
  • All Wahl clippers are made in the united states.


  • The adjusting level sticks sometimes/ hard to push.
  • Very loud motor.


This is a great pair of clippers if you need a more budget-friendly option. I love the powerful motor and the fact that you get stainless steel clipper guards. I love all the accessories that come with these clippers. If you are planning to do haircut at home or give the neighborhood kids hair cuts then this is the perfect clipper set for you.

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OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

professional hairstylists really like these clippers because of their ergonomic feel to the clippers. The clippers feel good when you hold them. The work great cutting the hairs on your head. These clippers have been made to provide you with the highest quality performance. They come with some great accessories for you to use as well.

Great for All Hair

These clippers are great because they are very versatile. They work for all types of hair whether it’s curly or straight these clippers will work for you. It can also cut hair even if it is wet. That is a big feature for clippers because most cannot do that. These clippers work really well giving all types of haircuts such as buzz cuts, fades, tapers, and even blending.

Long Cord

These clippers come with a nine-foot cord. This cord is much longer than other clipper cord and that is a great feature because you will be able to move the clippers around easily without not having enough room. The only thing that would make this better is if the clippers were cordless but they’re not so this is still a great feature.


  • Cuts all hair types.
  • Very nice ergonomic design.
  • Comes with four different size clipper guards.
  • The clippers come with oil and a cleaning brush too.
  • Great grip on the clippers
  • A lot of different color options to choose from.


  • In the range of the more expensive hair clippers.


These clippers are another great option for you to decide upon. The only thing I do not like is the price on these clippers. I feel like they are more expensive then they need to be. It’s up to you but I definitely think the Oster brand is a great brand, just not price wise.

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Wahl Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers

This is another clipper set from the brand Wahl. Can you see how much we love Wahl clippers from this article? These clippers are just like the name suggests, they are very colorful and they help determine easily what type of haircut you might want. All the clipper guard are labeled and sorted by color so it is easy for you to decide between them. This set comes with a lot of great accessories such as a carrying case, scissors, hair combs, cleaning brush and much more.

All Over Body Clippers

These clippers can do so much more than just cutting the hair on your head. You can use these clippers to cut any hair on your body whether you need to shave your chest, back, or even your legs; these clippers can do it all. They are great for children haircuts as well because you will get a ton of different clipper guard sizes that can work for anyone.

Comfort Grip

These clippers feel very comfortable to the hand. When you are holding them, they do not feel heavy that they are going to fall out of your hand. Their sleek design makes them very nice to use when cutting hair. The blades are also self-sharpening which is really nice because they will always maintain that perfect sharpness and you shouldn’t have to replace the blades. If you take care of your blades these clippers should last you a very long time.


  • Has a color-coded key and clipper guards to help you know what size each guard is.
  • This set comes with a lot of great accessories to help trim and cut your hair such as combs, scissors, and clips to pull back pieces of hair.
  • These clippers are great for children because the color make the clippers look friendly.
  • Very budget friendly.
  • Made in the united states.
  • Long cord.
  • Durable motor.


  • The motor is loud and make the clipper vibrate a lot.


These are a great budget-friendly pair of hair clippers. I use these clippers on my son all the time and they really do get the job done quick and easily. The blades work great and I have had these clippers a very long time and they hold up great. All the accessories really make you feel like a barber giving haircuts. I highly recommend the Wahl color pro.

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Why Choose A Fade Hairstyle?

Many people choose to have a fade hairstyle because of how versatile and sleek the cut looks. It is a clean look but such a classic for many people. There are many different types of fades that you can do from like the high, mid, and low fade.

The fade hairstyle is very easy to maintain once you have it. It is very low maintenance and once your shorter sides start to grow out you can easily clean them up with your best clippers for fades. This hairstyle is very easy to keep clean. It is very easy to shampoo and condition this hairstyle and then all you have to do is style it the way you like it afterward.

This look is very versatile for men all around the world. It looks great and it’s growing more and more in popularity. The buzz cut is old news welcome to the new look everyone is trying to get the fade!

Features to Think About When Buying the Best Clipper for Fades

Before you purchase your pick for the best clippers for fades, you need to understand that all clippers come with different features and factors of buying. I have composed a detail list of all the things for you to think about before buying your clippers.

Design and Style of The Clippers

Design is a very important factor when deciding on a pair of clippers. The design will affect the way your clippers work properly and how easy they are to maneuver. You want a pair of clippers that will mold to your hand and make it easy for you to give different types of haircuts like fades. If you get a pair of clippers that do not have a nice ergonomic design, it will not feel good inside your hand while you are giving haircuts.


Do you a cordless piece of equipment or a stationary plug in clipper? Both types of clippers are great, but it is up to your personal preference whether you want a cordless or a corded clipper set. If you do choose a corded pair of clippers, to make sure that the cord gives you enough room and length to still feel comfortable while giving a haircut.

Usually, cordless clippers come with a battery which makes it able to be hands-free. This is a nice feature if you want to give haircuts outside or if you want to move around freely without feeling restricted by a cord. Rechargeable battery-operated hair clippers can sometimes come at a higher price, so keep that in mind.

You may also want to think about how portable your clippers are. Can you take them when you travel? Do they come with a carrying case that is compact? These are important things that you need to ask yourself if those things are important to you. A lot of the best clipper for fades sets come with a case to store all of your important accessories and items for your clippers.

Power of The Motor

The motor inside the clippers is very important because its what makes the whole job get done. Having a powerful motor is important, especially if you are going to use the hair clippers very often. It will deliver that close shave to your hair and will work rather quickly. If the motor isn’t very powerful, then it might not be able to cut your hair as good or effectively.


Are the accessories that you get with the clipper kits important to you? If you want something special to carry all of your accessories or even just to carry your clippers, try to find a set with a case or bag.  Do you want a pair of clippers with a lot of the essential clipper guard sizes?

Most kits come with clipper guards, a carrying case, and a cleaning brush to help clean the clipper when not in use. So, take time to figure out what accessories are important to you. I would hate for you to have to purchase the accessories separate later down the road when you can get some in a nice kit. The only thing that usually doesn’t come inside a clipper set is the oil to condition the blades. The oil is a very important thing for clippers to help maintain the blades to give you the best possible cut.


Another thing to think about is the clipper blades. You don’t want to have bad clipper blades because it will be hard to cut the hair and it could even nick or cut your skin.  You want to make sure that the clipper blades and clippers you invest in are going to work great and cut the hair easily without getting hurt. Remember to keep up proper maintenance on your blades with cleaning and oiling them. This will prolong the life of the clipper blades, keeping them smooth and shiny.


Price can be a tricky thing to talk about because everybody has their own price points. The prices of hair clippers fluctuate in price from high to low. Things that are priced too high can be deal breakers, so make sure you know what your ideal budget is for hair clippers and what your comfortable spending. If you check out our picks above for the best clippers for fades, you will see a wide range of prices from affordable to more expensive options.

How to Use Fade Clippers to Give Yourself A Fade

The fade style haircut can be a very difficult hairstyle to pull off. Even the most skilled professionals struggle with this hair cut style because of all the different factors that make up the perfect fade. I have made a detailed step by step guide to help you learn how to give a fade haircut with clippers.

Evaluate the Hair

As a professional hairstylist or even as an at home haircutter, it is important to evaluate your hair before you begin giving yourself or another person a fade. You need to look at the length of the hair and texture because this is a big factor on how the overall look will turn out. When you know how long the length already is and have seen the vision of how the fade will play out, then you are ready to start the cutting process.

Picking A Guard Size

Before you even start cutting the hair, you need to pick a guard size. It is better to start the haircut in the back with a larger clipper guard size. When you start with a higher clipper guard, you can always work your way down to a lower one as you progress in the hair cutting. Start at the back and don’t cut the top of the hair yet. We will need it to complete our fade style.

Know Your Fade Lines

It is important to know where your fade is going to start before you start working with the hair on top. The fade is going to start where the hair on your head starts to get shorter and will work its way up to the longer hairs. You will want to position the top of the hair into a rectangle shape on your head. Use a comb and separate the long hair from the shorter pieces of hair. Now that you know where your fade area is on your head, you can begin the cutting.

Cutting the Hair

Start clipping the sides starting by the sideburns. Start from the bottom and work your way up not cutting any of the hair on the top that is longer. Move in an arch-like motion upwards. You will repeat this process gradually with lower size clipper guards until the top is nice and long and the sides all around are shorter, giving it a fade look. I have a helpful video below to give you more of an inside look on how to create this fade hairstyle.

How to Keep Your Clipper Properly Maintained?

It is very important to clean and maintain your clippers regularly because if you do not, your clippers can get ruined and cause you to get nicks and cuts when you use them. If you keep your clippers well maintained, it will prolong the life of your hair clippers, making them last a long time. I have a few tips for you on how to keep your clippers properly maintained. If you would like me to go into further detail, then check out my other article on how to properly clean your hair clippers.

Cleaning the Blades

  • It is a big deal to clean your clipper blades because if you don’t, then they will become dull and collect a lot of bacteria.
  • Clean the blades with the brush that comes in with your clipper kit to get rid of any unwanted hairs.
  • To disinfect your clipper blades, you can use a rubbing alcohol solution or a store-bought clipper cleaning solution.
  • Soak the blades in the solution until they become bright and shiny.

Oiling Your Clipper Blades

  • It is important to oil your blades; that way, they will always work at their optimal potential.
  • You only need about a drop or two of oil; put it onto the blades and turn the clipper on.
  • The clippers will vibrate enough to move the oil all around and even to those hard to reach places.
  • After a minute or so you can turn off the clippers and use a towel to wipe the excess oil off the blades.

What is a fade haircut?

A fade haircut in simplest terms is a haircut with a transition of different lengths. Basically, the hair has different variations of different lengths. There are different types of fade haircuts, such as a low fade, a mid fade, a high fade, or a taper. Let’s talk about the different fades a little more in-depth.

Taper Fade

This is usually a small style of a fade. Mostly the fade is around the sideburns and neckline where it is kept shorter. This is one of the least noticeable styles of a fade haircut. It gives you a new look without going to drastic.

Low Fade

A low fade is your same basic fade, but instead, you will have more area for the fade and a smaller area where the skin is exposed. This will be a great transition from the sideburns to the fade.

Mid Fade

Just like the name of this type of fade suggests, it is a fade that will start halfway up the side of the head. This will often start right around the temple area and go just above your eyebrows. If you have a naturally bigger, taller head, then this type of fade works very nicely. If you were to do a high face on a taller head, then it would just make your head look even taller.

High Fade

Again, how the name suggests this is the highest level of fades you can have. This fade could start as high as the top of your forehead. This look is harder to maintain so be aware of that if you are going for this style.

What Clipper Guard Do You Use for A Fade?

We talked a little about this in the how to give yourself a fade haircut, but you need to first start out on the highest clipper guard. Trim the back of the hair going upwards and decide where you want your fade to start. Keep all the hair for the fade separated and you can slowly add smaller clipper guard sizes to give you either a high, mid, or low fade.

What Is the Difference Between A Taper and A Fade?

There is a slight difference between the two styles of cuts, but mostly they are very similar. Now the fade as we have learned is very short on the sides and longer hair on the top. The taper is actually the same exact way except for the hair on the top of the head is a lot longer than the fade. The hair on the top of the head gets trimmed sometimes with the fade, and with the taper you let that hair grow out longer.

What’s the Difference Between a High and Low Fade?

We discussed the answer to this question above, but I will go ahead and answer it again really quick for you. A high fade means the actual fade where the top is longer starts higher. They would most likely mean that the fade would start high up on the forehead.

A low fade is a much more natural looking haircut. The low fade starts much lower by the sideburns. So, everything will be really short down at the bottom and longer going up to the top. This is a nice clean looking fade.

What’s a Shadow Fade?

A shadow fade is a haircut that is shorter on the side of the head and gradually gets longer as you go to the top of the head. There are also variations to this as well as a fade with the low, mid, and high variations. A shadow fade runs in the same category.

How long Does Hair Have to Be for a Fade?

You can actually start working on getting a fade look with almost any hair length. Obviously, you cannot be bald to have this fade look but after your hair grows out just a little bit then you can start making the look of the fade. Remember the fade is longer and the top and shorter sides that have been blended to the top. You can keep achieving this look over time as the top hair continues to grow.


Fades have grown in popularity over the many years and it can be tough to achieve this great look if you don’t have the proper clippers. These best clippers for fades above can give you exactly what you need to have a professional looking haircut without the high price of going to a barber.

So, what best clippers for fades did you choose? Please share with us in the comments down below. If you have any questions please leave them down below as well, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy fading.

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