Best Beard Oil – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

As a man in this day and age, it is absolutely essential to keep your beard in perfect condition. This means that you’ll want to trim your beard regularly, while also brushing your beard.

While there two activities are obvious, many people completely ignore the need to oil their beard. With a great beard oil, you will be able to make your facial hair look substantially better.

You can also enhance its health and give it a beautiful shine. Within this guide, you will learn a great deal about the best beard oils.

What is Beard Oil?

While many men seem completely oblivious to it, there are actually oils that are specifically designed for the beard and mustache. These oils will provide you with a wealth of benefits.

For instance, they’re capable of healing skin nicks, while simultaneously eliminating skin flaking.

While each unique product is different, each will be specifically designed to improve the appearance and health of the facial hair.

Below, you will discover the best beard oil 2018 reviews, so you can guarantee you get the best oil for your money.

Leven Rose Fragrance Free Beard Oil

Are you tired of looking at that aging beard that never seems to grow? If so, it may be time to invest in a bottle of Leven Rose Fragrance Beard Oil.

The blend of ingredients found in this product will not only hydrates your beard, but will also hydrate your skin. This is like getting two products in one at half the price.

There is no doubt that if your beard is lacking in any aspect, you could benefit from Leven Rose Beard Oil.

Contains No Fillers Or Additives

Many manufacturers will stuff their beard oils full of fillers and additives. This reduces the quality of the oils drastically, plus it will not be as effective as Leven Rose.

This oil contains to primary ingredients, organic Moroccan argan oil and jojoba oil. Believe it or not, these oils create the perfect blend for all types of beards.

Reduces Dark Spots

There is nothing more unappealing than a multicolored beard. Dark spots are commonly often linked to the hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by irritation.

The solution to this common issue is Leven Rose Beard Oil, which can reduce or eliminate spots, so the color of your beard is even throughout.

Balance Natural Oil

Leven Rose Beard Oil will help in maintaining a healthy balance of oils, which in turn will create a natural luster and shine. Every male wants his beard to have a shiny, healthy appearance.

Well, it is possible with this product and it only takes two to four drops a day. Just drop the oil in the palm of your hand and massage it into your beard. A daily application is all it takes to restore your beard back to its normal appearance.


  • Unscented beard oil
  • Comprised of organic golden jojoba oil and Moroccan argan oil
  • Reduces beard itch
  • Can be utilized as a detangling oil
  • Makes skin healthier


  • Leaves oil stains on clothing

Overall Assessment

If you are on the market for quality beard oil, you should look no further than the Leven Rose brand. This beard oil is all you need to perfect the appearance of your beard.

The oil is extremely greasy, which is common with beard oil, so only use sparingly.

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Prophet and Tools Beard Oil

Many males utilize beard oil on a daily basis, because it offers so many benefits. However, none of the brands on the market will compare to Prophet and Tools Beard Oil.

The blend of ingredients found in this product, will not only protect your beard from split ends, but also restores it to its original condition.

After utilizing the oil for several days, you will begin to notice a transformation in the appearance of your beard and skin.

Simple Instructions

One of the many benefits of the Prophet and Tools Beard Oil is its ease of use. Just place three drops of the oil in the palm of your hand and then massage it into your beard.

Just one application will make your beard feel softer and look healthier. You can utilize the oil before you go to work every morning or at bedtime, so you do not need a set schedule to see success.


Most men have their own cologne preference that they do not want to be altered by scented beard oils. The oil is unscented, so it will not interfere with the scent of your favorite cologne.

When you walk into work, the only thing your co-workers will notice is your healthy beard and fresh body odor.


  • Will not irritate your skin
  • Includes a beard comb
  • Made from 100 percent of natural oils and vitamins
  • Unscented oil, with no perfumes
  • Speeds up the growth process
  • Each application only requires 3 drops


  • Comb is a little fragile

Overall Assessment

The jojoba, chamomile, aloe Vera and vitamin E oils found in Prophet and Tools Beard Oil will tame any beastly beard. These oils will hydrate your skin, improve its appearance and give your beard a natural healthy sheen.

You can also utilize the oil on your scalp and hair, but utilize it sparingly because your hair is not as rough as your beard.

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Honest Amish – Classic Beard Oil – 2oz

if you’re tired of unwanted scents, but still want a conditioner that deals with beard itch, beardruff, and keeps your beard looking even and neat, then The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil and Conditioner Softener is for you.

It’s unscented, all-natural, and organic. There’s no fillers, fragrances, parabens, or additives.

It’s easy to use: just dampen your beard or apply dry, and a few drops will do (meaning your bottle will last a nice long time).


  • Virgin pumpkin seed oil
  • Moringa oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Kukui oil
  • Virgin argan oil
  • Golden jejoba oil

These oils are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. This combination helps to relieve skin irritation and nourish your beard.


  • Mild scent that wears off in an hour – does not clash with cologne or body spray.
  • Another positive is that it helps control the skin with flaking and itching.
  • It is a good value for the price.
  • Helps eliminate/prevent beardruff and dry skin


  • The scent may not appeal.
  • Please patch test for skin irritations.
  • Shipping can lead to the bottle arriving broken or partially filled as bottle was not properly packaged.

Overall Assessment

If you are on the market for quality beard oil, you should look no further than the Honest Amish . This beard oil is all you need to perfect the appearance of your beard.

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ArtNaturals Organic Beard Oil And Conditioner

If you’re looking for an outstanding beard oil, which will certainly get the job done, you will definitely want to check out this product from ArtNaturals.

While it is very inexpensive, you can guarantee that this product will be entirely safe and enormously effective. This is the case, because the product is made from all natural and organic ingredients.

It doesn’t include any potentially harmful chemicals, which could cause unwanted side effects. Instead, you’ll be able to reap the benefits, without any risks whatsoever.

Healing Properties

Next, you should know that this product will be able to heal your skin, while also giving your beard a beautiful shine. The oil contains a substantial number of antioxidants.

These antioxidants will help to cleanse the pores, while simultaneously stimulating hair growth. This combination can also help to heal cuts and skin nicks.

It also may prove to be very effective for improving your acne. If you want to clear up your face, while making your beard smell and look great, this product is well worth checking out.


  • Made from all natural and organic ingredients
  • Contains a lot of antioxidants
  • Capable of healing the skin
  • Can soften facial hair
  • Makes grooming your hair much easier
  • Product can be left in and doesn’t need to be rinsed out


  • Dropper doesn’t work very well

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, the ArtNaturals Organic Beard Oil is great. It smells scrumptious and an entire 2 fluid ounce bottle will last for a long duration.

At the same time, the oil is made from totally safe, natural ingredients. Therefore, it will work exceptionally well and will not cause any negative side effects!

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Smooth Viking Beard Oil

To perfect your beard, you will need to invest in the Smooth Viking Beard Oil. This oil is made of all-natural oils that will leave your beard healthy and shiny after the first use.

The great benefit of this oil is it offers a mess-free application, leaving your hand feeling less greasy than other brands.

Tames Unruly Beards

The Moroccan argan oil and olive oil will help tame even the unruliest beard. The sweet almond oil and avocado oil will work diligently to keep your skin and beard looking healthy and itch-free.

These oils work together to ensure a fresh smelling, hydrated, shiny and tangle-free, even in the most extreme conditions. Just one application will transform your beard like never seen before.


  • Citrus scent
  • All-natural oils
  • Nourishing and taming
  • Reduces itchy, irritated skin

Overall Assessment

Smooth Viking Beard Oil will make your dreams come true, providing your beard with the necessary nutrients and hydration to keep it looking healthy day in and day out. Just a couple of drops will do the trick every time.

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Beard Oil Benefits 

When it comes down to it, beard oil is one of the many products that men need to use on a regular basis. Generally, this oil will consist of a blend of essential oils.

Therefore, it will offer a wealth of benefits directly to the user. Below, you will learn more about the benefits associated with using beard oil on a regular basis.

Eliminates Beard Itch

Have you ever suffered from beard itch? A lot of men will get this type of itch after they started growing their beard.

While the itch is referred to as beard itch, it usually originates at the skin under the beard.

The itch can be very annoying and somewhat embarrassing. The good news is that you can quickly eliminate the itch by utilizing beard oil.

The oil will help to nourish and moisturize the beard’s hair follicles. The oil will help to shower your hair and glands with sebum oil and this will eliminate the itch almost immediately.

Rectifies Flaky Skin

Another thing to remember is that the skin around your beard may become dehydrated and flaky. This often referred to as beardruff.

It is very similar to dandruff, but impacts the skin around the beard. It should come as no surprise to learn that this type of dandruff can be enormously embarrassing.

In fact, it’ll turn women off almost immediately. With this in mind, you’ll need to find a way to fix this problem immediately. Remember that the problem is often caused by dry skin.

By using beard oil on your skin frequently, you will be able to moisturize the skin. In return, this will help to prevent the skin from begin scaly and flaky.

Well Maintained

While you’re at it, you should realize that all men want their beard to look amazing. What is the point in having a beard, if it filthy and full of debris?

This is where beard oil will prove to be immensely beneficial. This type of oil is capable of keeping your facial hair well maintained.

By using beard oil regularly and by brushing the hair, you will be able to make it look healthier, much shinier, and a little less tangled. At the same time, using beard oil is a great way to prevent split ends.

Smells Great

Can you imagine having a beard that smells hideous? How would you feel, if someone got close and your beard reeked like a trash can?

That individual would immediately form a bad opinion about you. This is another reason you should consider using beard oil on a daily basis. Beard oil will typically smell great.

In fact, the oil will be available in various scents. Therefore, you’ll be able to choose a specific scent that best accommodates your preference.

With a little sprinkle of oil, your beard will begin to smell great and you’ll be able to impress everything that you meet.

Can Heal Cuts

Almost every guy in the world will cut themselves when shaving. This is something that is often unavoidable. After you’ve cut yourself, you won’t want to wear a band aid around.

Instead, you should consider using beard oil. The mass majority of these oils will contain antioxidants. The antioxidants in the oils will help to cleanse the wound, while simultaneously making it heal much faster.

If you have painful cuts on your face, applying a little beard oil could be a good way to speed up its healing process.

A Boost Of Confidence

You should realize that a man needs maximum confidence. Without confidence, you will never be able to achieve your goals and become a success in life.

There are numerous ways to boost your confidence and utilizing beard on a regular basis is definitely one way to do just that. Rubbing a little bit of oil onto your beard will make your beard smell and look great.

At the same time, you’ll know that you’ve been provided with these benefits. This will make you feel like a champion! Before you go on a date or interview, you should add a little oil to your beard. Doing so will give you the boost you need to feel great and succeed!

How to Apply Beard Oil

So, have you finally decided to begin using beard oil on your mustache? If so, you will want to make sure you know how to apply the oil properly. Believe it or not, applying beard oil couldn’t be easier.

The entire process is pretty much straightforward. Put a small amount of oil on your hands and then rub it onto your beard. Once this is done, you should brush your beard with a comb.

At this point, the beard’s scrumptious scent should begin to permeate through your nostrils.

And, your beard will begin to look a lot shinier.

Summary of the Best Beard Oil

At the end of the day, you should realize that beard oil is a necessity. Whether you’ve just started growing your beard or you’ve been a beard man for many years, proper maintenance is pertinent.

Obtain the right beard oil and you’ll smell great and you’ll look even better! Use the information provided above to ensure you get the best beard oil possible!

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