10 Best Hair Clippers

Best Hair Clippers

What are the Best Hair Clippers for men? This question cannot be answered easily. Within this guide, you’ll learn all about these products, so you can find the best one for your individualistic needs. As a man in this day and age, you should wholeheartedly understand the importance of looking … Read more

How To Oil Clippers

How To Oil Clippers

Part of the recipe for properly maintaining your clippers is to spend the necessary amount of time ensuring that the blades are clean and oiled up. This way, they can stay working at the optimum level for as long as possible. Accordingly, learning how to oil clippers is something which … Read more

5 Best Andis Beard Trimmer Reviews & Guide

Best Andis Beard Trimmer

Over the years, the Andis clipper brand has emerged at the forefront of the hair clipper industry. This brand has managed to distinguish themselves from the competition with consistency, innovation, and overall value. For those men and women that shop together to make a purchase such as this, the large … Read more

6 Best Electric Beard Shavers – Reviews & Guide

As a man in this day and age, it is absolutely pertinent to go above and beyond to make yourself look great. You should strive for perfection each and every time you set foot outside of your home. This will require you to immaculately trim your beard and mustache. This … Read more

Best Bald Head Clippers – Reviews & Guide

Balding individuals need to go above and beyond to ensure that their appearance remains stylish. Unfortunately, being bald requires a little more time and effort. Plus, you’ll need to make a major choice. Will you decide to keep a portion of your hair or will you go completely bald? Going … Read more

Best Andis Hair Clippers – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Over the years, a handful of brands have emerged at the forefront of the hair clipper industry. These brands have managed to distinguish themselves from the competition with consistency, innovation, and overall value. While several brands stand out, the Andis company is most certainly one of the most recognized. Andis … Read more

Best Clippers for Fades

Fades are a classic hairstyle that many people throughout the country try to achieve. It is a clean but yet very stylish looking style and it is quite easy to get this hairstyle if you have the right clippers. Expert’s in barber shops only use the best equipment and so … Read more

How to Clean Hair Clippers

How to Clean Hair Clippers

Every time you use your electric hair clippers it is important to clean them after each use for proper maintenance. If you don’t clean or sterilize your clipper blade then it can lead to poor function of your clippers and harmful bacteria will stay on the clippers. In this article, … Read more

How To Use Hair Clippers?

How To Use Hair Clippers

Getting your hair cut and looking nicely trimmed can cost a lot of money. Hair clippers are great because they allow you to give yourself a hair cut just like a barber shop would give you. Cutting hair with hair clippers isn’t difficult if you have the basic knowledge of … Read more

Best Travel Electric Shaver

Traveling is very important to so many people. When you travel you want to feel comfortable and that you are in your home away from home. Having things that are travel size that you can use make it easier traveling. Travel electric shavers are a great way to shave while … Read more